Fine-scale wheel problems on new 00 coaches

Discussion in 'FAQs' started by RobertInOntario, Mar 23, 2006.

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    I've recently returned to model railroading during the past 2 years & am building a British model railway. A lot of my locos & coaches are 30 to 40 years old, which I inherited. I've recently bought a few new items and have noticed that the wheels on some of my new coaches (in this case, two brand new Hornby carriages) are much finer than the older ones. These newer coaches often detail at switches or tight curves whereas the older ones do not (the older ones seem to have much more tolerance to cope with "deficiencies" in the track).
    My track is generally code 100 or similar track. My concern is this: Do most modern coaches & locos now have these fine-scale wheels and, if so, is this going to be an ongoing problem? I generally have fewer derailments or problems with my older Hornby and Hornby Dublo stuff while the newer items are more "tempermental". Any feedback or advice would be appreciated. Thanks! RobertInOntario.
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    Welcome to the gauge and welcome back to model railways.
    I think you've hit the nail on the head. Is your track 30 to 40 years old as well? Back then the flangeways on points were quite wide to accommodate wide flanges on wheels that were too close together. I just sold a load of old Tri-Ang track to a fellow and also gave him some old wheels that I replaced with the newer ones.
    The latest rolling stock has much finer wheels, and the current track has finer flangeways. My locos from 40 years ago have problems with modern points (not all of them, interestingly) and I have a couple of Hornby Dublo wagons that won't run through them at all.

    Can I plug the Great British Train Show in Brampton on April 29-30? There's a thread on it here, somewhere. I may still have a few old axles downstairs.
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    Fine-scale wheels and track


    Thank you very much for your reply! I should clarify that some of my track is 30-40 years old and some of it is new -- quite a mixture. Most (but not all) of my points are new.

    I'm thinking of gradually changing all of the track to modern Peco, including the points -- I've got too many brands and types combined. Do you think this will solve the problem and make the layout suitable for both old as well as new stock? I'm hoping that Peco will work well for both old and new.

    Peco track has been recommended to me several times for Hornby Dublo. As mentioned, I've been having trouble with running brand new items on older track (or tight curves) whereas old Dublo stock seems to run well on everything!

    Yes, I'm really looking forward to the Great British Train Show in April and plan to spend quite a chunk of time there!

    Thanks again for your feedback. I'm really glad to have discovered the Gauge last night.
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    Robert: I have Peco points from over the last 35 years. I also have Hornby Dublo (all 2-rail originals). There doesn't seem to be a pattern with which Dublo items work with the new track, although Wrenn items usually do. A lot of the problems are with the fine track (code 75) with flanges bumping along the sleepers. I've had to stop running most of my Tri-ang locos from the 60s because of under-gauge wheels and fat flanges. I've switched most of the older coaches to fine-scale wheels (brass) or to the latest Hornby ones.
    Peco used to make both coarse and fine-scale points.
    Way back when, one of my friends modified Tri-Ang points by carving back the V of the frog so that NMRA wheels wouldn't go the wrong side.
    I'll be making cardboard kits at the GBTS, unless I get a better idea.
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    Peco track

    Thanks again, David. I might be interested in seeing the Peco points, perhaps at the GBTR.

    I'm hoping that by sticking with code 100 and gradually converting most track and points to Peco (and using coarse Peco points, if they still make them) that I'll be able to run both old and new. Filing back the points more is also a good idea, that I haven't got around to yet.

    What are the cardboard kits? Just curious!
    Thanks again, Rob
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    I started doing Superquick kits at shows because I needed something to do. I felt the card kits were different to anything the North Americans were used to, very British.
    I usually do Superquick or Metcalfe because they can be substantially done in a 2-day show if there isn't too much distraction. I've also done Prototype models and some other producers, but Prototype are a bit fiddly for a public demo.
    I get encouraged by my wife because she likes the look of the card.
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    Thanks, David. That sounds quite interesting -- especially if they're uniquely British -- and maybe I could see those at the GBTS. I'm trying to make my layout look as British as possible! Take care, Robert
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    David: I just responded to a comment you made in another category but thought I'd copy it to you from this thread. I hope that's OK ... I'm still finding my way around this forum! Robert

    There are some great suggestions here. I really like David's idea of finding an old timetable or map! David, could you or anyone else, please recommend a good source for finding old timetables? In particular, I'm interested in the British Caledonian train that ran/runs from Euston to Glasgow. Obviously, the web is a good source and I might do some searching on it later this week. Thanks, Robert
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    Robert: the best timetable I have is 1976 BR. There are a couple of British modelling websites that you might try.
    I have a more recent track diagram of the Scottish region (and most of the others) which gives layouts and distances.
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    Thanks, David! Do you know the names of those British modelling websites? Cheers, Robert
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    British Forums

    Some I have used: rmweb forum
    There are a couple on the Platelayers site, in the Links section.
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    Thanks, David! I'll check those out. Rob

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