Finally, the "Pictures at 11:00" or quick, Noah, get the boat...

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  1. Thanks for the tour.
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    That was a great tour of the layout,see you still have more to finish.Maybe one day upper management might reconsider.In the picture of all your boxes it looked just like Niagara Central Hobby's store shelf.Thank you
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    I am always impressed by the work you do, and even pick up a tip or 3 ... or 100 just from viewing your stuff. I have cut out a channel for a river and put in a low bridge and painted for a river bed, but I don't have the nerve yet to lay down the water... gotta work up to it!

    You know, my own "upper management" gave me a choice. Either put my layout in the 1300 sq ft completely open basement and have it 'closed' to visits OR I could have a 12' x 18' area in the garage and have folks over, which meant taking out my recording studio. I wasn't getting any better at the guitar anyway! lol

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    At least John Allen had no "upper management" to contend with. It's no wonder that few have come close to what he created. :rolleyes:
    It's nice too that you at least got offered some options: I built my house on the understanding that the entire basement would be for my trains. I lost about a quarter of it to a laundry room before I even had the framework of the house erected, then later lost an even bigger area for a recroom for the kids - and that was after the basic benchwork was in place. :eek: Of course, I also needed a bit of space for a shop area for working on trains, so there wasn't much left for a layout. It is odd, though, that "management" is always careful to not issue an ultimatum of "It's either me or the layout!" ;):p:-D:-D
    I've thought about a separate building for the layout, but my current location in the basement requires no cooling and only very rarely, when it's especially cold outside for lengthy periods, heating.


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