Finally some pics of the TRV Railroad

Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by capt_turk, Dec 6, 2004.

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    Finally found the camera. Too much stuff in too little space. I've changed my theme to Oilfield rail roading. I found thru recent research that the railroad commissions actually were the controlling body for the early oilfields. I spent almost twenty years running boats in the Louisiana offshore oilfields. Kinda hard to model trains offshore, so, the layout depicts the early railroads that ran from the southern Oklahoma and Texas oilfields to the ports along the Texas, Louisiana coasts.
    I haven't figured out how to post the pics here, but, anyone interested can find them at:
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    Link doesn't get me to your pics, but it could be because I'm not a member.
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    Anyone is welcome to join. I haven't figured out how to make the photos viewable to anyone, including non members.
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    One more try with the photos

    After much experimentation, aggravation, and frustration, maybe the blasted photos will work now.

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    Finally!!!! As you can see, I've just gotten started with the layout. There has been a lot of doing, and redoing, as I've learned what the heck I'm doing. "Boy, doesn't that describe life in general?"
    Anyway, my father went to Oklahoma in the last land rush. He worked for Kerr Megee for many years as a guager in north eastern Oklahoma. He also built many wooden derricks, steam power units, and was the actual inventor of the valve used on pump jacks where the sucker rod entered the casing.
    As a kid, I can remember being able to look in any direction and see derricks as thick as trees in a forest. All of them are gone now. I just wish I could have taken pics back then.
    I plan a couple of pump jacks with a common steam power unit in the area between the track coming out of the tunnel and the depot tracks.

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