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  1. I have been having trouble placing woodland scenics field grasses on my o gauge layout. It just falls over with every glue I try:curse:. I guess it takes to long for the glue to dry to hold it up, or maybe the glue just isn't tacky enough. Any ideas? Thanks.
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    I don't know how this would look like in O gauge but you might want to give it a try.
    Prairie Grass
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    Looks real good. How do you think it would look in HO or N scale?
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    S scale man, HO horse and women with long faux fur grass made from grizzly fur


    Low grass made from plush felt with an HO man


    HO man with Pelted Mink Faux fur

    That is an S scale man an HO track in the original post picture with the wagon road

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    To (try to) answer your original question - what do the instructions say? I would think you'd want a really tacky glue to hold the fibres in place. Are you trying to make bunched grasses, or a whole field?

    If bunches, Harold has some good pointers, and you may also be able to use something like hot-melt glue that "dries" almost immediately.

    For a whole field, I think that Harold's how-to on using faux fur is great. You can also look into the static applicators, but you are still left with the question of how to fix the grass before it falls over... I have used Elmers (and 3M) spray adhesives, and they are quick to dry. I don't know if they'd provide enough hold, but it's worth a try. And don't forget to take pictures for us! ;)

  7. Thanks everyone, there are no directions included and I want to just do it in bunches not a field, however, I love how the faux fur looks. Nice Job!
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    Actually faux fur works great being applied in bunches. When cut off it has a "base" to glue and does form a clump. Woodland Scenics grass, wigs and fiber materials like them don't really work well. I have tried them all. The don't stand up. I believe Woodland Scenics has tool now to press their product into the scenery base.
    I am narrowing my dirt roads with a "clumped" border of fur grass and it goes really quickly.

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    Harold and all,

    I may have found a new material that may be the "Beat All" for long grass.


    If you look at the weather stripping on the edges of some screen doors and windows you may find a length of material that is meant to insulate. It is made up of dense woven threads, each about a centimeter long. I have yet to dye it or try it, but I can imagine planting rows of it in wet plaster or gluing it to edges of structures with good results.


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