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  1. t. alexander

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    This is a funky little number at the TVRM in Chatt. Tn.

    I could'nt get a good side shot as it's parked between other stuff but it's even got wheel pants. It was Built in the mid to late 30's and had a top speed of about the same. It's a pretty cool looking machine.


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  2. Vic

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  3. Woodie

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    Kewl! :cool:
    It's sorta a bit like this one. [​IMG]

    The Gulflander runs between two outback towns (Normanton & Croydon) in Far North Queensland.

    For a virtual tour, click here

    Well worth a look.:)
  4. t. alexander

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    Vic, That is an awsome looking machine. Sad story though. It's a shame that a one off like that got chucked in the scrapping pile.

  5. t. alexander

    t. alexander Member

    Woodie, cool looking train, I love that "roo"? bumper.


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