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  1. farscapedargo

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    Im trying to re-engine with new trucks a Balboa Gas Turbine standard type. Dose anyone know how to do this? If so could you tell how.
  2. CCT70

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    I would look into Atlas trucks from their U series diesels and use an Atlas motor if you can get one or use a North West Short Line motor if not. Drive shafts can be made from styrene rod, but you'll have to modify them into a worm gear type setup.

    I'm sorry for being vague as I have not personally made this mod, but I remotored a brass Oriental GP-20 with an Atlas motor and drive and it works like a champ with my Proto 2000 GP7's and GP9's that I remotored with Atlas motors and GP-35's and GP-40's from Atlas and Kato. I'm sure someone more knowledgeable with brass will chime in here and offer suggestions.

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