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Discussion in 'Architecture Models' started by Operative7B, Apr 6, 2010.

  1. Operative7B

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    I am a HUGE fan of Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water house, but I can't seem to find anything out there except that simple little one that is out there... anyone here know of any versions that are maybe a little more detailed or complex?
  2. Bengt F

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    Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture Designs

    Hi Operative7B,

    I agree, the Falling Water house is one of the most exciting and daring architectural designs ever made in the 20th century. As far as I know, there is only the very simple and not so arousing 'Paper Toys' model, which is a bit too sketchy (and colorful).
    However, I bought a very nice book on Amazon.com a while ago - the title is "FALLING WATER - THE MODEL" by Paul Bonfilio (Rizzoli 2000). It describes a large architecture model of Falling Water, with lots of very nicely printed black & white photos. And there are 3/8"-scale pencil drawings/plans of all the floors. So, you could try to scratch build your own model from the plans and photos - I have thought of doing just that - that's, in fact, why I bought the book. Check it out at Amazon.com.

    If you'd like a couple of other building models designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, there is a fine free download model at Ralph Currell Graphics of the 'Illinois Mile-High' office tower design from 1954, which was (sadly) never built. Check it out at currell.net/models/illinois

    Or, at Zeist Bouwplaten in the Netherlands, paper model enthusiast Diderick A. den Bakker has a nice Dover paper model of Wright's 'Robie House' in 1:87th scale (as a book). Look for "Architectuur/Modern" and you will find if you scrooll a bit further down that page: Check it out at zeistbouwplaten.nl/zeistbouwplaten/Architectuur
    (I have still 3 more posts to go before I can post URLs)

    All the best,
    Bengt in Stockholm
  3. Operative7B

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    Glad to see another FLW fan. I studied architecture, and so far, I have never found a more beautiful or functional design than a Wright.

    Good luck on Falling Water! I'll check those other's out too.
  4. Steelrat

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    There is a site with information and assets (drawings and a 3D model) here.

    On a side note, I've admired this building since I first saw it (not in person unfortunately) and I've been dropping hints for my good lady wife to get me this for a present should she be so inclined.

    Anyway best of luck with your project.

  5. Wojtee

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    I would like to see a "serious" papermodel of this, too. It would be impossible without modelling a part of the surrounding terrain, not to mention the waterfall itself. The building is pretty complicated, too. It would be real challenge to construct, no lesser to building it...
    I am curious about the 3D models, thanks for the link ;)
  6. Bengt F

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    Falling Water References

    Hi Steelrat,

    Thanks for the link to the site - very informative, with good photos and various interesting plans.

    Bengt :thumb:
  7. I would love to a detailed Fallingwater card model. I started a scratchbuild years ago, but never got past the base before abandoning it for other things (it was 3' long, too). As for terrain for a paper model, it certainly can be done well. If you've ever seen a picture of the Mont-Saint-Michel mode that came in book form you can see they did a good job of the mountain terrain.

    There's a pretty good 3D model of Fallingwater available on the web. It's at http://www.greatbuildings.com/buildings/Fallingwater.html. It's in an unusual format and I recall having to use some conversion gymnastics to import it into Bryce several years ago, but it's nicely detailed. Someone skilled at using Pepakura Designer might be able to convert it into a model file. It's a very complex assemblage of shapes, but they're all based on a solid gemetric grid (as all of Wrights designs were), so it should be possible.

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