Fabrizio Prudenziati - Zio Prudenzio - 1946-2014

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    Visiting Paper Modelers forum, I came across the sad news of the death of the great Italian designer and modeler Fabrizio Prudenziati. When I started getting interested in paper models soon caught my attention the creations of Mr. Prdenziati. Zio Prudenzio with equal mastery mastered the art of shaping using only paper, from human figures to the most complex vehicles, boats and airplanes. With the same genius he created houses and castles and board games and kindly shared them with everyone. On his website, hidden in the Index, there is a little text written by Fabrizio, where he tells us a little about his life. I took the liberty to reproduce it here in this post, because I am sure that many who visit his site and download his models did not find this text, blinded by the sheer beauty of his work.


    "My name is Fabrizio Prudenziati and I was born at October 8 th 1946 in Treviso from a Venetian family of good traditions. My father's transfer, official of the State, in 1949 in Genoa has made me a Genoese of adoption. Completed the studies I have spent some and intense years in Marina Militare as young hopeful officer , then I have landed to the Office of the Department of the Customs (now Agency of the Customs), where, after having holded for 12 years the role of chief of the Office Computer Services of the Customs Area in Genoa, I am now retired. I still live in Genoa and I think that (to proper time) in Genoa, I will die. Soon widower, re-married and divorcé (at times I think that I should write a book of memories) I have a beautiful daughter, a marvelous fiancée, few but good friends and, generally, what a reasonable person can desire. Model maker of race, since from the infancy I have reached all the fields of the dynamic and static modelling with always equal passion. In 1976 I have founded in Genoa the firm "GRIFO" and I have created the first lead toy-soldiers . In 1977 I have founded and presided the ACCADEMIA GENOVESE DI MODELLISMO E COLLEZIONISMO, an extraordinary Association that boasted among her members names as Rocchiero, Frizzi, Ruggeri, Luppi, Jula and others. In 1978, abandoned to her destiny the GRIFO, I founded with Jula the firm "ARES" and I created the toy-soldiers up to 1984, year when the loss of my wife has deprived me of the necessary enthusiasm to continue this activity. I now devote me, almost exclusively, to the paper-models (toy-soldiers particularly) dusting off the ancient passion for this poor but exciting modelling, that has characterized the years of my infancy. If I finish saying to be fat and bald I would lie, because I am not bald."
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    My deepest condolences to his family and friends.
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    Mine too. An exceptional artist has left our world. He shalt never be forgotten.
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    Oh if world at large knew who just passed away, the world would mourn. I mourn and believe all those who knew of him and his work knows that a true master has passed away.

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    This is a fine tribute. Thank you for filling in a picture for those of us mostly on the outside of paper modeling.
  6. This is a sad loss for all of us with love paper modeling. Fabrizio's extraordinary talent and design skill was equaled only by his generosity in sharing his terrific creations with so many fellow model enthusiasts via the Internet. He will be missed, but his creations will continue to be appreciated.
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    just got done reviewing this man's works. what a sad loss, hopefully his models will continue and people will know him for all time.
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    It's good that your posted what you did. People would be most surprised at the models he produced, for FREE. Also, being that he has departed, I would suggest getting his collection as things have a way of disappearing or becoming very hard to get! :)

    Zio did ask for a Donation if you thought his models were worthy. I imagine his estate would appreciate anything anyone could give. He gave away his models, not being contingent on any donation. That is a pretty amazing legacy. :)

    Link =http://www.zioprudenzio.it/fokker.html
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