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  1. Joepomp

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    Can anyone tell me how to install a NEC D13SR in a Bachmann F40PH? The engine has what I assume is an 8 pin DCC plug, but no diagram explaing what each pin is connected to. Bachmann is not answering my question. :curse:
  2. jon-monon

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    They can be pretty slow to answer. Last time I wanted something I gave up and called in and got the answer.
  3. Joepomp

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    Bachmann message board


    On Bachmann's web page they have a message board. I posted the question there and got a quick responce. THey claim pin one goes to pin one and pin two to pin two etc. However the D13SR decoder they suggest does not have a connector or the pins labled for that matter. Well I will assume (And we know what happens when we do that) that the wires on the decoder are numbered in order. Maby I should ask NEC what the pin numbers are first.:D
  4. sumpter250

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    While I really like the bachmann spectrum series, they do have a problem with keeping their DCC compatibility consistent. The only sure way of determining what pins of their 8 pin connector go where, is to check them out with a continuity tester, or volt ohm meter.
    Your decoder instructions should tell you what wires go where, and once you trace what pins connect to what, you can go ahead and install your decoder.
    One of my jobs at Destination Hobby Center, is DCC decoder installation, and I have seen several different configurations for the Bachmann 8 pin connector.
  5. Joepomp

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    Pins for D13 SR

    I recived this E mail from NEC. I just put pin one to one and two to two etc. It works execpt when the engine is in reverce the rear lights don't come on. Oh well at least there was no smoke.

    If i understand what you are looking for is the 8-pin plug configuration?
    orange 1 8 red
    yellow 2 7 blue
    unused 3 6 white
    black 4 5 grey

    hope this comes across clear.
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    > I have a D13SR without a connector. Does anyone know how the wires
    > are numbered? I want to install it in a Bachmann F40PH. Bachmann says
    > jist put pin 1 to 1 and 2-2 etc. However, that is not easy if the
    > wires on the decoder are not numbered.
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  6. Fred_M

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    I was told by MRC that if you plugged them in backwards they just didn't work, you then just plug them in the other way. They were designed that way on purpose, ie id10t proof.. :) FRED
  7. Gary Pfeil

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    Joe, With different locos and digitrax decoders, I've found that if the 8 pin plug was inserted incorrectly it affected the lights and I think the direction of travel, can't remember about that for sure. Anyway, if it's plugged in incorrectly, no damage, just flip it around.

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