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Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by msh, Jan 6, 2003.

  1. msh

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    Hi There - I've got the same camera as you - C700 UZ - and have (with help) figured out how to set the f-stop to 8 and the shutter to 1/30 per your suggestion. BUT - to do that I have concluded I must set the A-S-M value to "M", which then apparently forces me to also manually focus on the subject.....

    Is there a better way?? Am I doing it wrong?
    How the heck do I manually focus with this little gadget?
    You KNOW how wacky that manual is....

    Thanks in advance!
  2. interurban

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    Wish I could help, I am still trying to decode my Olmpus C 720:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :D But we WILL do it:D ;) :p
  3. N Gauger

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    on my camera the A setting is the aperturs (F stop) it might be the same on yours
  4. TerryR

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    Use the "A" setting. This is Aperture priority. Set the aperture to whatever you want and the camera will select the appropriate shutter speed. If it gets much slower than 1/30 then you either need more light or a tripod :)

    The "S" is Shutter priority where you set the shutter speed you want and the camera selects the corresponding aperture.

    Automatic focus may or may not work on either of these depending on your camera. The reasoning is that you would probably only want the use the A program if you are having depth of focus problems and you might want to manually put the focus 1/2 way between two important objects so you can use all the depth available.

    Similarly, with S you are probably shooting some kind of action shot and want the focus preset on an important point where the action will be when you press the button.
  5. msh

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    You guys know how great Shamus' pics are. He has, more than once, specified F8 and 1/30 shutter speed for good digital pics using the C700 UZ. (not to mention the good lighting)

    I know that A allows me to set the aperture (f-stop) as the priority, but everything else is automatic and I have no direct control over shutter speed. S sets allows me to set the shutter speed as the priority, but then I have no control over the aperture. M gives me manual control of both A and S, but seems focus is now an issue and I stink at focus. So you see my quandry.
  6. shamus

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    Hi msh,
    On the Olympus C700, rotate the dial to A/S/M
    Now power up the camera – press OK button (in the middle)
    Press right button next to the OK button for “MODE MENU” PRESS RIGHT BUTTON AGAIN. (New screen)
    ISO set it to 100 (press ok) move down and set A/S/M TO “A” (press ok)
    Press left button next to “ok” to go back.
    Press bottom button then right button for Picture and set that to “SHQ” (press ok)
    Go down to the bottom for “SETUP”
    Press right button next to “OK” for custom
    All the way to the bottom and press “Custom”
    Set Fno. to f8 and move down one and set shutter speed to 1/30 press left button twice
    To go back to normal screen then press OK to quit.

    Camera is now set up for indoor photo shooting using good lighting, if you just want to take a photo outdoors, move the dial to AUTO and take pictures, for your railroad stuff, move the dial back to A/S/M

    For Macro use the above settings, place the camera on a tripod and switch on the camera to “A” (A/S/M) Just right of the viewfinder you will see three buttons, next to the one marked Drive is the button for using macro along with other stuff. Press that button three times until the flower is in the window. It’s now ready to take a macro photo, now press the button marked “Drive” 4 times to get the camera into time exposure mode (10 seconds) set the camera to the place you wish to photograph up close, (2” it will go down to) and take the picture. It’s as easy as that.


  7. msh

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    Shamus, I simply can't thank you enough.

    I cannot wait to get home and try this out. While I sure don't ever expect to get shots like yours, I know this, along with a bit more lighting, will be a HUGE improvement and will allow me to post some pictures up here that are up to the higher standard I wanted to reach.

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!
  8. jmarksbery

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    Shamus, speaking of lighting, what type of lighting should be used, I tried some that produced to much heat, I work in a small area. Thanks, Jim;) :rolleyes:
  9. shamus

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    Hi Jim,
    For all my layout photo's for the website and published articles, I use 5' Daylight Flourescent Tubes spaced at 18" intervals on my ceiling. I sometimes use as a fill in (Flash off the camera) this gives a little bit of sparkle to the piccy. I just hold flash about 6' from the subject and higher.
    My tubes are Philips TLD 58W


  10. RaiderCTE

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    Well after reading some of these photo threads I was eager to try some experimenting with my camera. (sony dscs75) Using or try using settings from Shamus' posts. Here's what I got. Now I got to get back to work on the railroad and quit taking pictures.

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  11. RaiderCTE

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    one more

    I got to figure out how to cut down on the light. I think.

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  12. shamus

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    Hi RaiderCTE
    A couple of nice shots you have, you haven't got too much light, your light is just about right.

  13. RaiderCTE

    RaiderCTE Member

    Thanks shamus,
    Your information on the settings you use for your pics was greatly appreciated. And the great thing about the digital cameras are you can take 100 shots to get the best one and just delete the rest. thanks again
  14. jon-monon

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    LOL! I do that with my film camera! :D :D :D

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