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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by TrainGuyRom, Feb 27, 2009.

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    I have been interested in European model trains for a while. I am planning a small, portable, European N scale rail road. The two problems I ran into are
    a. I don't know where I can get EUropean engines & cars
    b. If I scratch build or kit-bash, How can I easly create the buffers.

    Now, I don't have a lot of power tools at my disposal. The one idea I had may work in HO, but i'm modeling in N for this.
    It also needs to be quick & easy, not too fragile.

    I was thinking:
    I could turn a Bachmann MDT Plymouth into an early European diesel
    I could turn a Bachmann 2-6-2 into a European 2-6-2
    And I could scratch build some '40s or '50s Freight/passenger European cars.

    Is there a good american website selling inexpensive European engine & rollingstock? If so what is the web address? What is a good way to make those buffers for the kit-bashes?

    Thank You
  2. Mountain Man

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    I tried a quick Google and got this:

    There were numerous other entries as well, so you should have no trouble. :thumb:
  3. nkp174

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    ebay. Bachmann's N-scale British line is Graham-Farish. There are plenty of other manufacturers.

    IIRC, Peco makes some beautiful rolling stock models for British prototypes.


    I would caution that you have thrown a lot of ideas out that you want to do. There is very little overlap between in both model skills and materials. Maybe you'll enjoy having several divergent modeling projects going at once (I currently have HO, On3, and Fn3 projects), but you'll run the risk of becoming frustrated if you don't see any progress. Another major downside is what do you fund? You have to make compromises. I have a number of planned HO locomotive pre-powering/Tsunami projects, but I'm not going to start any for a while because I need around $170 for a Tsunami and gear tower to complete an On3 2-8-0 and some money for tools. Accordingly, that Nn3 2-6-0 I've been wanting to build won't get a sniff for a few years...otherwise, I'd have some of the materials needed for each project but not enough $$$ to complete any of them.
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    What happened to the T-Trak and On30 ideas?
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    Buffers:you can use hardened steel nails, if you pick up the apt ones.
    Keep in mind that buying used rolling stock in Europe can be very cheap.
  7. Xaniel

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    What kind of rolling stock in N are you looking for? I have some stuff I am willing to sell. I live in Lisbon, Portugal, but I can send them to you if have a PayPal Account ;)

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    I am a man of many intrests. I like On30, T-Trak, N-Trak, LEGOs, and a some-what small interest in European trains.

    I like the idea of small nails.

    I have not been on Zealot in a while, so sorry about not checking up.

    I currently have no funds, so I'm stuck with what I only have sitting around(and what I can get for free) But thans anyway


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