Epoch I Orient Express Set

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by OrientExpress1, Aug 8, 2006.

  1. OrientExpress1

    OrientExpress1 New Member

    I have been searching for an HO scale Orient Express, for what must seem forever.
    I have a Lima set (Blue and Gold CIWL livery), but would like to have a set of the
    teak bodied carriages (Pre-WWI). I saw one on eBay, which was a five car set (baggage cars (2), sleepers (2) and a dining car made by Lilliput. I have been searching eBay and
    all over the Internet and could only find the dining car, see link below.


    Anyone know where I might find this set, for sale?


  2. Toy Train Man

    Toy Train Man New Member

    Orinet Express 5-Car Set

    I have a Liliput No. 860 Orient Express 5-car Set for sale.
    If you are stillin need, let me know.
  3. OrientExpress1

    OrientExpress1 New Member

    Reply to Toy Train Man

    I don't know if those private messages got through so I'll post here too.

    Do you think you could e-mail me a picture of the set?

    Also what price are you asking?

  4. OrientExpress1

    OrientExpress1 New Member

    Hi again,
    I might consider getting this set after all.
    Is it still available?

  5. Toy Train Man

    Toy Train Man New Member

    Yes it is still available.Did you get my answer to your 7:04pm message of yesterday?
    I sent it about an hour ago
  6. OrientExpress1

    OrientExpress1 New Member


    Sorry to keep bothering you. Is it at all possible to send me
    the purchasing information? (mailing address, etc...)
    And is there another we can get in contact with each other in
    another way than this message board?

    By Email or possibly by phone?

  7. Toy Train Man

    Toy Train Man New Member

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