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Discussion in 'WarHammer40k' started by Sanginus, Jan 15, 2012.

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    i got a virus alert when i click on that link, carefull!!
    Sanginus, check your computer.

    I'm using avast as antivirus


    what was the original website address for the model?
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  5. Sanginus

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    @ wlock: :eek: Thanks for the note, my AVIRA scann says my pc is not infected, have had lucky!
    I uploaded it below as a Rar file,
    hope this is better. Sorry for the infected link!

    Unfortunately, I have found only inactive links,
    the original address is no longer there.
    Seems this is the last surviving tank from the collection,
    Very sad. like the other models would have seen,
    because I think it's very well done.
    Maybe out there is still someone of the files on the hard disk has :confused:

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  6. Tirick

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    That is a shame; I've had a host of these waveserpents (metal) in a box since my display fell about 6 ft and destroyed most of my stands/paint jobs. I've not had the heart to sort them out. Making paper ones (instead of bending/filing/retouching and possibly scrapping the metal ones) would be an awesome sop to that pain.
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    File is now in "Download Section", Thanks Sanginus! :)

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