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Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by MasonJar, May 25, 2004.

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    also use a small pc of shrink tube over light, will save you putting another antenna on cab roof.
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    im getting ready to get dcc my self and have heard that if your put a dc loco on a dcc track it will burn out the engine cuz dcc is a full 18 volts. it seems that some dcc systems have a setting for dc locos usually adresss 00 but just be warned masonjar you would wanna blow any engines up! (im not totally sure how acurate this info is so someone correct me if im wrong)

    Have fun!
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    It all depends what brand and model DCC command you have as far as to the constant voltage on the track. Like my "Digitrax Zephyr" is fixed at 13.7 volts DCC, measured with "Tony's Train Xchange" 'RRampMeter'. ( do not measure DCC track voltage with a regular VOM ( Volt-Ohm-Meter ) for they will not measure the right voltage. "Tony's" does. On other larger DCC command stations you can regulate your voltage in different voltage ranges ( I think up to 23 Volts DCC, but I'm not to sure of that ) You can enter 00 and run a ( one only ) standard DC engine with no worry about burning it up, but the draw backs are you do not want to park it very long unless it's on an isolated section of track ( ie: a block ) for you will hear a humming sound and allthough I've not tried it I understand then you may burn it out. And whats this about melting plastic from not dimming the headlight:confused: :confused: Never heard of such an animal:confused: I've had model trains for 25 years and allthough I've burned out quite a few bulbs I've never had any headlight bulbs ( 12/16 volt ) melt plastic and no resistors behind them either ( Before DCC days ), and with DCC you can turn on & off the lights as you wish. My new ( 4 years old ) HO DCC layouts engines have been converted to LED lights.......except BLI 4-8-4 as it is factory LED ( no heat there :D ) Allso some decoders you can dim your headlights. I've a BLI ATSF 4-8-4 Northern that has its light dimmed by default ( LED allso ) while idleing and will brighten ( and I do mean BRIGHT ) as soon as you give it throttle. And OOOHHHooooo the sound---------Yeah.:D
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    On the Lenz Set-90 and Set-100 the input voltage should be 15 volts and they have adjustable output voltages.
    This is from the Lenz site.
    Hope this helps.
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    Same for me. That sound ability and its quality really was the final push to transition to DCC. In fact, it was a Reading RR Spectrum 2-8-0 that a friend showed me at his club. A few years later (a couple months ago), he just handed me a broken 2-8-0 in WM "Fireball" scheme. I sent it back, and low and behold, two weeks later I was running a brand new ATSF 2-8-0! Because I didn't spend anything on the loco (besides the $20 service fee), I was able to get the Soundtraxx decoder. I loved the install! *lol* So easy.

    Hang on there my friend. It is definately worth the wait. :D

    While we're on the subject, does anyone know how hard it is to put a decoder in an Athearn AMD-103?

    EDIT: http://www.johnshobbies.com/johnshobbies/product_info.php?cPath=86_95&products_id=249&osCsid=7f8dbbb8fb857d3ae98f6685d2e2c67e

    $30 below retail. Nice guy. Good luck.
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    Mike Greetings :)

    From personal experience, I would agree this is what's on the Lenz site, however, I would also offer a personal experience which has been confirmed by others.

    If you wish to change the output voltage, as I did, to 12V output.. any voltage difference between input and output (either up or down) is dissipated as heat from the Lenz Command Station.

    A greater than 2v difference WILL generate enough heat to potentially shut down the Command station from an over temperature situation unless you have a fan cooling it, or its winter here in Canada :)

    I set my Lenz 100 to output 12V and with a 15V suppy I was getting intermittant temperature shutdowns after about 90mins operating.

    I recently purchased a 12V AC 5A power supply to use, and now the system will sit there quite happily for 2 days (longest I accidentally left it on) with no overtemp shutdown.

    It really is worth balancing the input voltage to your output voltage for optimal performance.

    Having said that, although I know some others have found similar, I am sure this doesn't affect others.. its one of those maybe scenarios :)


  7. kchronister

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    I have MagnaForce 15v power supply powering my Lenz 100 (unaltered output, so presumably 12v) and have never had a shutdown problem. Certainly no problems during prolonged sessions, and I've also accidentally left the thing on for 36-48 hours at a stretch with nary an issue.

  8. moria

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    Hi Kris :)

    Lenz 100 minimum 11v to track maximum 22v to track but as delivered, 16V to track.. therefore you are within 2v of the supply, therefore no problems.



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