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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by who_dat73, Apr 24, 2006.

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    Now this might be confusing but I am gonna try to make it simple and short and hope somone can help me figure this out.
    I bought a loco from somone with a bunch of stuff and when I got it home ran like a champ actully a little to fast that took a tumble off the bench and broke the back coupler never to be fixed as hard as I tried.
    Then came up with a great idea just switch the trucks around so now the back truck is in front and so on now , if I put it on the tracks so body wise it is running forward but trucks rember are reversed it runs horid but if I turn it around and run it backwards body wise it runs ok little spit and sputter but not as bad. I am at a loss for what to do I am kinda new to model RRing only at it two years and just switched to N scale so dont ahve a lot knowledge as to what is going on I can tell you it has 17708 Japan on the bottem and it has I think a lead body that picks up the power from the trucks and transfers the power to the motor but not to sure other then that anybody have a idea what I am doing??
    Now that you are totaly confused can you help?? sign1
    Thanks in advance
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    Did it run ok before you tried switching the trucks?
    Not only did it break the coupler when it hit the floor, it might of knocked something out of line,I'd check the drive to see if everythings alright there.
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    sorry double
  4. who_dat73

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    yup 88 took it all apart and checked everything out all parts and pieces seem to be there it just seems like the pickups arnt getting good contact except when going frame and body wise backwards in witch case the trucks would think they are going forward and it runs pretty good that way but not perfect
    :cry: its driving me nuts I really like this little loco
    I also ran the track cleaner over all the areas that would run electicty I am kicking the idea around of soldering a wire from the trucks to the moto pickups
    thin that might be ok?

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