EMD crash test video

Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by 65GASSER, Nov 23, 2006.

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  4. N Gauger

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    Oh man - That's neat.... I hope it actually helped make some design changes...
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    I think my favorite is the jet propelled switcher in the nuke crash test.
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    NW and Southern ordered high hood units and long hood was forward just for the safety of the crew. As for crossing accidents, I believe Southern Cali has the most per yr, stupid cali driverssign1 . If anyone here lives there, you know what I mean, and you'll agree.:thumb:
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    OHH!! :cry: I couldn't Imagine having either of those things happen to a baby, however, that choice was prolly better... :( :rolleyes:

    I agree, souCal drivers think a quick jaunt on the freeway was a bloodsport, TGF Carpool lands with QUADRUPLE YELLOW LINES, bots dots, and don't forget those little plastic bendy reflectors! :rolleyes:
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    I like that compilation of crashes. I thought that pickup had it beat at first. sign1
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    Great Video's.:thumb: :thumb: :thumb: Thanks for sharing them with us.:wave:
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    The people who stage these crash tests have the best jobs ever!

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