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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by jbaakko, Mar 6, 2007.

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    So, I didn't think I was going to have to start warning people, but here it is.

    I sold to a buyer on eBay by the name of " supertrainman" back in the early days of January. He complained that he never received the item. I figured it was a false claim at first because the buyer refused to use eBay's dispute console. Apparently it wasn't and after some coaxing he filed the claim, I then processed a refund.

    The buyer subsequently emailed me stating that he had received the refund AND the train, and was opting to keep the train, and he'd send the payment back. Its been over 3 weeks since that email, he has not yet closed the dispute on eBay, has not responded to my mutual feedback removal request (he left negative when he didn't receive the item or a refund BEFORE he filed a claim), and has not responded to frequent requests to return the train OR the money. I cannot file a claim because of eBay policies, however eBay DID refund my FVF.

    Unfortunately I got ripped off in the process, I hope you can avoid this user and avoid any issues. I'm out about $45!
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    As an operator of an eBay store, I would strongly suggest that anyone selling anything on eBay ALWAYS ship items with a signature required / confirmation of delivery / insured.

    It costs a couple of $$ up front, but avoids all this sort of problem.
  3. Renovo PPR

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    That is the safe way to end these type of problems. I never do it but I do send them with at least delivery confirmation that just lets you know the package was delivered. I know their are short fails doing it the cheaper way. However at least I know the package wasn't lost in the mail.
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    Send him an email stating that he has one week to refund your money and remove the neg, or you will file a complaint with http://www.ic3.gov/. Or you could just file it, and then let him know he can expect a call from them. :D
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    should get someone's attention
  6. Southern4449

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    If you use the click and ship at the USPS web site, you get confirmation delivery for free...

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