Early Version SD40-2 Shell And MP15AC Conversion Kit

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  1. I posted a thread in reguards to a conversion kit for an MP15AC that would fit the Atlas MP15DC power chassis,and was wondering if there would be any interest in a conversion kit for an MP15AC since a plastic model is not available at the present time,also I am wondering if there would be an interest in a early version shell of the SD40-2 to fit on the current Kato SD 40-2 power chassis that is used for the mid production version.Jeff Briggs will do these two shells if there is enough interest in early 2009.I will have to get back to him on the price for the MP15AC conversion kit and the early version SD40-2 shell,and see if the SD40-2 sshell could be made to accept dynamic brakes and the Non dynamic brake options.If you are interested contact me off line at stevechurch2222@yahoo.com,and I will try and get more information for you.
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    Is this for going from MP15AC to MP15DC or MP15DC to MP15AC?
    Thank Roger
  3. Roger,these conversion kits will make an MP15AC out of an MP15DC.I believe the shell will be like an MP15AC only it will fit the MP15DC chassis.The SD40-2 early version shell will fit the Kato SD40-2 chassis that is used for the mid production SD40-2 that is produced at this time.I will have to find out more about these two products from Jeff Briggs and see if the SD40-2 early version shell can include a housing for dynamic brakes and non dynamic brakes.
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    Thanks for explaining
  5. I would love to see these two shells made,do if you are interested contact me off line and I will get back to Jeff Briggs and let you know about the specifics on the shells and the cost.These would be made probably in early 2009,since the SDL 39 is being done right now.You can e-mail me at stevechurch2222@yahoo.com.

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