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    I have an N Scale Bachmann 4-8-2. I was trying to fabricate a spring for the front pilot to see if that would improve tracking and removed the plastic cover over the gears (between the drivers) to remove and install the pilot. All was fine until I bumped the engine and the drivers came out of their mounts in the frame. I thought I had everything back correctly and put it on the track. It ran a foot or so and the siderods popped off the second driver on the left side. :cry: Obviously I didn't have them quartered properly. Can anyone please show me how to properly install the drivers? Pictures of both sides of the loco would be very helpful. [​IMG]

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    Me too, me too
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    If the drivers haven't slipped on the axle and the driver sets are still quartered you should be able to install the drivers in the frame, one at a time starting from the rear of the engine making sure the crank pins are all in the same position on each side. In other words all the crank pins on one side should be in, let's say the 12:00 position. The crank pins on the other side should all be 1/4 of a turn from that position. Either 3:00 or 9:00 position depending on if it is a right of left hand lead locomotive.
    If the drivers have slipped on the axle you will need to fix that problem (Loc-Tite)
    In this thread I explained how I quartered a Bachmann 0-6-0.
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    Thanks Ray, I knew you'd come to the rescue.:thumb::wave:
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    Thanks, I'll try to get it running sometime today when I get a chance. :)


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