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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by Dragon, Feb 5, 2006.

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    Well, for any who remember, I finally got started on the benchwork for the Dragon Mountain Logging Co. early last year.
    Well, due to various reasons, that project was scrapped. Mostly due to the fact that I had to move from that house.
    Now the wife and I are in our own place, and I've got a smaller area to work with, but just as much determination (if not the $$$) to get something built.

    One bored weekend later, I've come up with a plan for the new benchwork for a somewhat smaller Dragon Mountain Logging Co.

    (warning, BIG picture)

    The "office" I was given is only 12'9" long by 10'4" wide, and I can really only build along two walls.
    I have to leave room for my computer desk, and have to plan this in case the room is taken over by a youngster (if the deities bless us).

    So...with that in mind, I'm going to build this so the top of the benchwork is 54" off the floor. That will leave room underneath for some bookcases on two of the walls (with a 6" spacing so I can work under the layout), as well as a place to put a small bed (under the "angle" portion on the left side).

    As you can see, the computer desk will take up the center of the room, and a file cabinet will space it out from the wall so I can sit behind it.

    Not shown on the diagram, but above the HO scale layout, will be an On30 layout (at 84" above the floor), which will have the additional advantage of running around-the-room via a 4" wide shelf over the window and doors. This will give me continuous running capability.

    Only thing left is to come up with a track plan that will best fit the space.
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    Not bad! You have a lot of room really. I just got the whole year of 1977 in Model Railroader magazine off eBay. In the January issue there is a pretty thorough article on bookshelf layouts. If you can grab a copy of that issue or article you might find some inspiration. It uses modules and has sample plans for what appears to be transition era midwest railroads.

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    :D I think you are headed in the right direction,are you going to contune down the wall to the right??I see lines on the wall there?

  6. Dragon

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    Yeah, down that wall and along the wall it joins with. Should give me about 12'x8' overall.
  7. jcoop

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    Love to se others out there with the On30 stuff. I like the start you have going on there. I am stuck with a 3x8 on a table in the garage at the moment, but have big plans in the head.
  8. Dragon

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    Well....today I finished the lower level for the HO scale Dragon Mountain.


    All it took was 7 - 8' 1"x4" and 4 - 6' 1"x4". Oh, and a handful of drywall screws and some wood glue. All told, about $60, and three Saturdays.
    I'll probably top it off with some 1/2" or 3/8" plywood then blue foam. The plywood is for rigidity, and to give me something to attach to if I decide to use Tortois switch machines.

    Oh, and if you like the On30 stuff, here's a new present I got myself for the On30 branch of the Dragon Mountain Logging Co.


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