Dr. Who Sonic Screw Driver?

Discussion in 'Dream Kits & Wish Lists' started by ajroemisch, Sep 16, 2010.

  1. ajroemisch

    ajroemisch That Guy

    This is a major shot in the dark but does anyone have a model for a Sonic Screw Driver? Prefferebly David Tennants pictured below?
    Even any tips on modeling my own would be great.

    PS. Detail is nice. not just a cylinder with a dome on one end.
  2. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Active Member

    Drat - and I was gonna suggest a paper towel roll and a painted ping pong ball :)

    Just kidding! I think this wold be an awesome model - there are so many great dr who things that could still be modeled (or modeled in newer methods) :)
  3. battman2036

    battman2036 New Member

    I'm gonna give it a shot in Metaseq. been looking for something to design and this should be easy enough with a bit of challenge. When done, I'll put it in a pep format. Keep in mind I'm new at this so cross your fingers.
  4. battman2036

    battman2036 New Member

    will this work? Haven't begun splitting it up in Pep yet. Let me know your thoughts. The mats on it aren't exact. Best I could do on them.

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  5. ajroemisch

    ajroemisch That Guy

    These look quite promising to me. Once you get a skin on them they should be quite good. i would agree that it probably wont be the easiest build.
  6. tjbmurph

    tjbmurph Member

    I've been looking for one as well. I've found an 11th doctor one, but I think it was intended for children as it's basically a square tube. A model of the TARDIS console would be fun to do also.
  7. Dave Ward

    Dave Ward New Member

    A lot of folks will use a "crackle" paint on their Tennant/Eccleston sonics to get that effect.

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