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    Dover NJ Mar 22 2009

    I don't have the new flyier but they are listed on the last Dec show flyier.

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    Jersey Central Railroad Historical Society train show 3-1-09

    Their one year show is Sunday March 1 2009. At the Mother Seaton High School in Clark NJ. It is at exit 135 of the Garden State Parkway. Very easy to find it is at the exit 135. If you exit going north it is the first building on your right of the exit. Always a good show.
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    Mother Seaton Train show 3-1-09

    For me this wound up being a good show again. Being retired and on a fixed income I don't have alot to spend. I had a little over a hundred dollars to spend. And it went.
    You walk thro a high school gym with 9 or 10 rows of tables. About 65% were train items, lanterns, locks, time tables, books, Photos, paintings, slides, dishes, and all train collectiables. The other 35% were scale and toy trains. At one table in the gym I found a few boxed cars but no one was working the table.
    I finished walking thro the gym and went to the other room full of tables, the high school lunch room. Their are almost as many tables here as in the gym. Here things were different. The percentage was about 50/50. In the first row second table on the right things started improving. I found a complete unbuilt Penn Line K4 kit at a very reasoniable price. Two tables up was a MDC PRR 4-6-0 sitting in a box calling to me. It also had a nice price. A few isles up in the middle of the room another table had many interesting things. I wound up gettin about 6 boxed freight and passenger cars their, and my friend picked up a Cary Pitsburgh boilered completly detailed ( all brass castings ) and primed with it's Mantua general drive all fitted out for $30. The price didn't cover the castings.
    In the last isle were more locomotives. The ones that interested me were the Atlas diesels in yellow boxes, with Kato drives factory painted for Pennsy. A RS11 and two RS3's for $25. apiece. Boy was I fealing bad. I only had money for one. I have 3 RS11's already. So it was out. One of the RS3's number I had already. So I didn't feal so bad then and purchased the other RS3.
    I returned to the gym to the table with the cars I liked still having enough for a few cars and don't you know their still was no one their. The cars were their, at $4 each with no one to pay. Off I went making my second pass thro the gym.
    I retruned to the lunch room passed thro it again picking up a few more cars. At the table where I picked up the MDC 4-6-0 their was a Liliput c-38 4-6-0 americanized for Pennsy. I have this loco in good condition. It was $20. BUT it had the this locos standard problum. Corroaded drivers. This is common with the Liliput steam locos of this class and the 4-6-4 tankers that share the same drive with a added trailing truck. I have 7 of these locos that run. Almost all needed at least 1 replacement driver axel. Their is a group member looking for this this loco who lives in Germany. Now it maybe that spare parts are aviable their. Here not so, you need a parts loco. So for my 7 that run I had to buy 10 to have enought parts to fix the others.

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