Douglas TBD Devastator - Torpedo Squadron 8

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    As soon as I can get the front cover sheet finished, I'll be releasing a model from Aaron with Oddball Productions that I commissioned several months back. This is the TBD Devastator in the markings of Ensign George Gay, the sole survivor of the men who launched at Midway from Torpedo Squadron 8 and the USS Hornet.

    This was a quick build and there are some obvious imperfections. Also, I really dislike using the laser printer that we now have at home for these models because it leaves the white areas where the ink has flaked off - especially in areas where more bending and folding is necessary.


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    One last shot that I didn't manage to attach to the last post.


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    Odd thing is the flaking off in this case seems to have given it some weathering! Nice looking model. The cowl, and nose section needs to be revisited though, as does the glass. As you stated, it was a rush job, maybe he'll fix it on the final one. Not working with formers causes these kind of problems. The wing on this craft is amazing. The real one is almost flat on top but the wing root formers up to the wing tip formers form an incredible slope, making it look like it has a dihedral at some angles and none at others. Nice job! The final model should be great. It looks like the wings can be made to fold up too. :)

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    Hi RYAN,

    Your plane is very good built (1/72 respect !) and it's a good idea to show this kind of plane wich belongs unfortunatly to "forgotten of ww2" !.

    I don't know if you want to detail more your devastator but this link, maybe can help you :

    or this :

    Diorama Devastator ?

    and book :

    Have a nice day and good flights


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