Double J&R Railroad open for business

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by Raistlin, Feb 15, 2006.

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    Double J&B Railroad open for business

    Well I finally got my new layout started. There still is a lot of work to do before I will start building the scenery and start on the roadbed, and i am still experimenting with what looks good.

    Attached are a few pix from it. The engine is a Hudson J1E 4-6-4 Toronto Hamilton and Buffalo. All of the cars are TH&B except for the ice cream car and the CN boxcar haha.

    As you can see I plan on doing a tunnel/valley between two hills. The upside cardboard mp3 player holder is going to be a hill. inside the big open circle i am going to have a small town and some industry along the hill (maybe a coal mine).

    The setup I have with the outside loops...the one goes over a bridge and becomes the inside loop...the outside loop becomes the inside loop and goes under the bridge.

    Well just thought I woudl share it. And i will post updates as I get pieces finished. Having fun with it now.


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  2. unclemole

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    looks really good so far! its almost exactly like my set up. where did you get that material to do the inclines?
  3. Triplex

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    Looks like Woodland Scenics inclines to me.
  4. Raistlin

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    Yes they are. These specific ones are the 4% grade...but I am only using the first 3 inches of the risers because my bridge 'legs' are only 3 inches high.
  5. Raistlin

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    Updates to the railroad

    Hello all.

    I have been working feverently (well no, not really) on the Double J&B and thought I would post a few pix of my progress.

    What I did was created a tunnel, and the portals. Ok so its not anything huge, but for me its a big deal.

    The first image is the tunnel and portals in place. They are not attached to anything. The tunnel was made with lightweight hydrocal using Woodland Scenics tunnel plastic mold, then attached and strenghtneed with plaster cloth. It was my first time using any of these products, so I had a lot of teething troubles, but in the end, its a nice tunnel. The inside is painted with stone grey by the edges, and black in the very middle to knock out as much light as possible to look more tunnelish.

    The portals are Woodland Scenics portals and retaining walls. I painted them as follows. First I did a coat of burnt umber. Then i did a wash (don't know the ratio, i just eyed it) of raw umber. Then around the top of the inside of the tunnel portal i did a wash of black to simulate the coal dust from the steam engine. All in all I like the look. NOt as good as many of the ones I have seen others do on here, but for me its great.

    Forgive the bluriness of the one tunnel portal. I had just woken up and hadn't had my caffeine, so i was a bit umm...jittery.

    Anyhow, the second and third pics are of the tunnel portals and retaining walls. They are in place, but not attached. I am going ot wait until i hae the mountain build around and over the tunnel before I do that.

    The next pic is my Hudson 4-6-4. I love this little trooper. Plus with the TH&B lettering on it, it gives me a sense of home.

    The last picture of my deputy engineer and the first J of the Double J&B Railroad, my daughter Julianna.

    Anyway, cheers!

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  6. Raistlin

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    I got me some rocks

    Well I have been rather busy of late, making rocks. Since I am not allowed to buy anything (bday coming up) I have been making tonnes of rocks, for when the scenery starts getting done. Some came out really really well, and some didn't but it was a learning experience.

    Looking for opinions...

    I also repainted the tunnel portals and retaining walls, and made some culverts.

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  7. RailRon

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    You sure have lots of talent! The coloring and weathering of your tunnel and culvert portals looks very natural. Also the rocks look great.:thumb::thumb::thumb:

    Keep us informed of your progress!


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