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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Gil Finn, May 26, 2006.

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    I've been lucky with both LHS when I was living in Mississauga. The first one was owned and run by an older gentleman who was passionate about models (he helped me a lot when I bought my airbrush) and did his best to help me find parts for a discontinued ship model. When the search failed, he gave me lots of tips on how to make the parts needed and was happy to talk about his past. Really nice guy but closed shop due to failing health.

    The next place I went to after that had great service too. They were very helpful with me and actually steered me to some cheaper stuff that met my needs better. They were the ones who introduced me to the liquid latex and told me about the gauze trick. They are called, "North Star Hobbies" and are located on 2200 Dundas St. East. I believe they still have their display train set and the last time I saw it, that was one nice layout.
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    There isn't a LHS here in Brownsville, so I purchase all my stuff online. 3 weeks ago I placed an order for scenicking materials with INTERNETTRAINS for stuff that was marked "Available". Two weeks later I still hadn't gotten my stuff so last week I callled. They told me they were expecting SOME of my stuff to come in from their distributor, and some of it next week. So if I'm lucky, I'll have my stuff in FIVE weeks from when it was ordered...I asked them why it was marked "Available" if they didn't have it in stock, and they said that that meant they could get it, not that they had it....Bottom line, avoid them like the plague!!!!

    Gus (LC&P).
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    You are spot on Wayne.
    Our gang although is an hour away on the East side of Toronto, make that shop a must do once or twice a year, they always have something there for me to buy. :thumb:

    But on the other side of the coin two stores have closed their doors in the last two years.
    Horizon in Whitby is the latest one :cry:
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    My options:

    Option 1.) 5 minutes away, excellent service, yet, same old merchandise for 10 years! pretty much mail order store.

    Option 2.) 25 minutes away, excellent in stock selection, cranky crabby obnoxious oppinionated owner

    Option 3.) 20 minutes away, young punk kids, on phone, no clue unless it's model airplanes, and overpriced stock.
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    I was on the other side of town at PV mall today and went into the Hobby Bench there while my wife shopped at another store. I couldn't spend too much time there without getting claustrophobia. :eek: I had a hard time finding the train section, I passed it without noticing.:rolleyes: Three very short counters where everything is just piled on top of each other. All scales, N,HO, O and G were just anywhere. Kits were all mixed up by scale. There were boxes of G track underneither HO structures. What a mess, and we won't even discuss pricing.:oops:

    My wife bought me a couple of kits in that store about three years ago. That just might have been the last time they sold anything train-related there, other than Thomas the Train, since then. I'm not too sure what else they have there. I was afraid to go into the store too far and not be able to find my way back out. Service there appeared to be kinda like csxengineer's option #3.
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    Csxengineer: take option 2 and pretend it's an act or show. You could be watching All in the Family or Weakest Link.
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    Be glad your worst option is 25 minutes away. I think AB Charles and Sons in Dormont is a great store, and I drive from Washington, PA to go there about once a month for supplies. The fellow there is always busy and it is hard to get his attention, but I think that is because he has a popular store. If that store is not one on your list, you should take the time to go there. If it is one on your list, I'm not sure what you are looking for in a hobby shop, they have alot of stuff including stuff that I find hard to find.
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    I rarely go to the "local hobby shops" around here - namely because the closest one is about 50 miles away in Manassas and the one that I do visit is in Richmond (85 mi South). But EVERY time I visit my kids and grandkids in Seattle (which is about 3100 miles away), I make a stop at the Seattle Train Center on Elliott Avenue. They are well stocked with everything N-scale as well as a great stock in the other scales. The owners are friendly and remember me (generally after I tell them that I am back visiting the kids). My wife and I spend at least 1 and 1/2 hours each time we are there and I buy Atlas and Microtrain cars or a building kit to carry home in the luggage. (every once in a while I drop a Loco in the basket also.

    Customer care and customer service is my key. If it is not there - then neither am I!!!
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    Shame about the disorganized shop. Place sounds like it's poorly run. North Star Hobbies have their shelves sorted into sections (ie HO section, N section etc) with tools in their own section. Again, I recommend them to anyone who can get there.

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