does 3-d paper relate to 3-d printer?

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  1. ishumshark

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    So, I'm new here.This whole site is full of complex 3-d card models. I am iterested in 3-d modeling though I'm not good at it. I have Auto Cad 2013 along with Inventor Fusion.

    So I was wondering, Does anybody here own and use a 3-d printer?
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    I don't have one but a (internet) friend does and he uses it to "print" toys and halloween costumes, which he designs in Blender.

    The 3D skills (and programs) to create papercraft and 3D prints are basically the same, though you might design some parts differently for papercraft than printing - those come down to knowledge of and experience with the physical medium.
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    This things come in all sizes and shapes. Some use melted plastic to form the part, some use lasers hitting a liquid or other medium. It is a very wide field. If you follow the links I gave on my previous post, you will find some great samples of these wonderful machines, and, for our time, replicators. :)

    Comparison of printers:

    This one is really easy to make.

  5. ishumshark

    ishumshark pretty new

    Thanks, I never knew there were such small 3d printers!

    I will be taking classes on engineering and design, and that includes a 3d printer. I was just wondering if anybody had any experience with them, and if they had any tips and tricks.
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    You can get a student license of Rhino3D 5.0for around $200 dollars. I highly recommend it as it is one of the best CAD programs out there and can generate the coordinates necessary for these machines.

    Scroll down for Student Free. It is the same as the commercial one.

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