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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by CharlesH., Aug 23, 2004.


What do you use?

  1. DCC - and I wouldn't change it for anything!

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  2. Cab control and proud of it

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  3. none, I push my trains by hand, yuk yuk yuk!

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  1. CharlesH.

    CharlesH. Member

    ...use DCC or the usual block control system?
  2. I use DC cuz I'm _pooooooor_
  3. Freelancer

    Freelancer Member

    Use DCC because I am not smart enough to figure out block controls.

  4. Jon Grant

    Jon Grant Member

    I use both - but on seperate era layouts.

  5. Ray Marinaccio

    Ray Marinaccio Active Member

    I use DC block control.
    Less things to go wrong.
  6. NYC-BKO

    NYC-BKO Member

    DC for now, maybe forever, maybe I'll hit the lottery, haha!
  7. txcavgr

    txcavgr Member

    DCC! I like the prodigy - it is stupid-simple. No complicated programming or anything like that. My kind of setup!
  8. Dave Flinn

    Dave Flinn Member

    I plan to use DCC on my, as yet unbuilt, Housatonic & Cayuga. Having seen it in operation and used it a bit, it just seems like the way to go, especially on a new layout.
  9. N Gauger

    N Gauger 1:20.3 Train Addict

    DC & Block Control - because I'm Poor (like SS) and also because my layout isn't big enough to warrant DCC :) :)
  10. mhdishere

    mhdishere Member

    DC for me, for a few reasons. Mostly, I have a bunch of old steam engines that would be a pain to convert to DCC, and I do want to use them. Plus, my layout will be a single-operator layout (me), so multiple trains running at one time isn't an issue. For those reasons I can't justify the expense of DCC.
  11. Gary Pfeil

    Gary Pfeil Active Member

    DCC for sure. I never had any trouble wiring blocks for DC, even for large layouts. But why do so if you don't have to? OK, sure if you can't afford it it isn't an option. And if you'll only run one loco at a time, a lot of the advantages are gone, tho not all. DCC is not complicated, tho it can be. I'm a computer dummy, with little desire to learn. I bought the Digitrax chief about 4 or 5 years ago. Yes, I was nervous about my ability to get it in operation. I read the manual before buying. When it came, I also ordered one loco with a decoder installed so I could check the system right away. I connected the unit (2 minutes) put an analog loco on the track, powered up (heard that hum!) and ran, no problem. Put the DCC loco on, selected it's address, and it ran. Turned out installing decoders was easy, in most cases. Finding room is the only potential problem. Basic programming is a snap. If I can do it, anyone can, believe me. Remapping functions and other "advanced options are just that, options. I don't mess with them and it hasn't lessened my enjoyment. I select an adress and run, can turn lights on and off, use sounds, etc. Piece of cake. I have a large railroad, the fact I didn't have to block wire it as extensively as I would have with DC, and the fact that I don't have to screw around with block selectors are the best reasons to go DCC, for me anyway. I'll never look back.
  12. neilmunck

    neilmunck Member

    DC because I'm cheap :)

    and I run the trains by myself. I am considering DCC for the sound aspect though
  13. Matthyro

    Matthyro Will always be re-membered

    The best thing that ever happened to my layout was going with DCC. So much simpler than the cab control system I had been using. Now I have a whole bunch of DPDT switches to use elsewhere. Like Gary says, I will never look back either.
  14. CN1

    CN1 Active Member


    It's what brought me back in the hobby. Without DCC I wouln't be here.

    DC Block was fine but DCC is sooo much better, it's not a step foward it a leap!!
  15. Doc Holliday

    Doc Holliday Member

    I'm using DC for several reasons. I'm gonna run old time steam that would be difficult and expensive (if not impossible) to convert to DCC. My layout is basically two separate mainline loops, although I did install a cross over just to avoid having to pick up and reset the train to switch loops. 99% of the time I will be a single-operator. I just can't justify the expense of DCC when a second DC unit does what I need.
  16. Belmarvalley

    Belmarvalley New Member

    DC due to financial constraints, but a DCC dreamer… :D
  17. lemscate

    lemscate New Member

    DCC all the way. I've only three locomotives that run on a small layout, and yet to have more than just me operating. Multiple train control is just to get attention of potential buyers.. My locos have full lighting effects (auto-dimming Rule 17 head/backup lights, flashing beacon, operating ditch lights, ground lights) and one has full sounds (auto-notching exhaust, bell, specific horn, dynamic brakes, air pump). Once you get all these effects, it's impossible to go back. Trust me; I can no longer run a train if it doesn't have sound and light effects. Really, with DC, a train approaching a grade crossing has a dim headlight and maybe constant-on ditchlights. Mine ring the bell, sound the 2 longs, short, and long, and the ditchlights flash with the horn, and the beacon keeps blinking. The LPBs know when my trains are coming!

    Two of my DCC friends in real life have had their systems break down at different points (one from lightning that went through four breakers, the other from being dropped on a concrete floor a couple times). They both refused to run their layouts until they got DCC back! Thankfully, I don't know the same pain.
  18. shaygetz

    shaygetz Active Member

    DCC at the club, DC at home. Looks to stay that way for a while, too.
  19. davidstrains

    davidstrains Active Member

    dcc- getting back into the hobby after a 30 year layoff and having to confront the block and switches thing was more than I was willing to do. I went to a couple of train shows and watched the guys using the digitrax controllers and was hooked. It makes the hobby so much better.
  20. brakie

    brakie Active Member

    I can't vote.. :( You see I have DCC AND DC!!! My HO industrial switching layout is DCC/Sound.My a building N scale industrial switching layout I will be using my old trusty MRC CM20.No need for DCC here.
    Now,Had I not already had DCC/Sound my HO industrial layout would be DC.. :D The reason is because I can only run one locomotive at a time and thus have no real need for DCC and the unnecessary cost I would have in startup. I would use my CM20 and use one of my Tech IIs on the N scale layout. :thumb:

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