Do you know of matching passenger cars for my D&RGW?

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by TrainNut, Jan 5, 2008.

  1. TrainNut

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    For Christmas, my wife gave me these two N scale locomotives (an EMD F3A and F3B in D&RGW ski train colors).


    Does anyone know if any manufacturer is CURRENTLY producing matching passenger cars? I currently have 5 older Arnold/Rivarossi's that match (mostly) and have my eye on some others. 5 cars just does not seem like a long enough train for an AB combo. I'd sure like to double or triple that.
  2. jesso

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  3. woodone

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    Looks like Santa was GOOD:thumb:
    Are these going to be converted to DCC?
  4. TrainNut

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    Jesso, those are exactly what I'm looking for. The picture shows an HO model with horn couplers. I need to dig a little deeper and see what type of couplers come with the N scale version and if they have any kind of interiors. Thanks for that link!!

    Upon further digging, it appears the couplers are rapidos. How hard it is to convert from rapido to a knuckle coupler? Would that involve changing the whole truck out?

    Yep, that's my first powered AB set. They will both be converted as soon as the budget recovers from Christmas. I plan to use my ever growing knowledge of DCC conversions, throw all caution to the wind and really try and screw something up this time!!!!!
  5. jesso

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    Mine had interiors, it also had microtrains trucks and couplers, but those were an add-on that the person who sold them to me on e-bay had done.
    Here is the microtrains pdf conversion chart for con-cor:

    I looked at my instructions for my replacement trucks, they have instructions for con-cor, so if you follow those thay can't be too hard.
  6. KMInspector

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    TrainNut, I too have the Kato Rio Grande F3A&B units with DCC (I installed the decoders myself), in fact I have the whole lash up (ABBA) for the Calfornia Zephyr. When installing (Digitrax) decoders on Kato F units, be sure to use as thin a layer of Kapton tape on the brass conductors that are on the top of the body. If you use to much or wrap to much tape you will have problems with the units not making contact with the decoder and it will cause the that small plastic plug in the middle of the decoder pop out once you place the shell back on the body. I have installed several of these decoders and found this out on the first one I ever did. I made a styrene shim for that unit and it has helped to keep that unit running smooth.
  7. TrainNut

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    Thanks for the heads up on that. As soon as I can afford to, I'll go purchase the decoders and see what kind of damage I can do!

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