DN New Year's Resolutions

Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by DN, Dec 31, 2004.

  1. DN

    DN Member

    1. Finish Arizona of course.
    Progress is being made and here are first boats to be shipped.


    2. Free download - I do have a candidate, but it's a secret for now 8)

    3. Destroyers are cool - I need one.
    So I tested some new techniques on this hull - printed on Epson Matte Paper Heavyweight. Great colors and resolution. Adequate thickness - at least for this 1:200 destroyer. Hull sides and bottom plating connected with butt joint - no overlap. Deck with camber. I'm satisfied with the result so far.






    And now it is time to sign off for this year and have a drink - cheers. :p
  2. Jim Krauzlis

    Jim Krauzlis Active Member

    Awesome stuff, Roman!! I love the look of Fletcher!! Can't wait for more news on that and the new Arizona!

    My resolutions?

    1. Finish Constitution...and begin another model! :D

    2. Quit smoking...not necessarily condusive with the first, particularly the rigging parts. :lol:

    3. Spend as much time as I can modeling, family relations dependant, of course...something I have started since the holidays...that's an easy one!

    4. Learn more computer graphics so I can make a mess at trying to design a paper model.
    (I have no idea how to start this one, but I've got the whole year to figure it out...I'd love to design a merchant ship model, like a container ship or maybe (and this is the real reach) a LASH ship...it's just so difficult to get the information for the under water hull shape together (one advantage, at least as to the container ship, is my job entails getting ship plans in the cases I am working on, and I just got a nice set of general arrangement plans for a Maersk/SeaLand ship!).

    There are more, but first I need a drink... :lol:


  3. rkelterer

    rkelterer Member

    hi roman,

    !! spectacular !! what scale will the fletcher be ?

    happy new year from austria
  4. shoki2000

    shoki2000 Active Member

    Destroyers really are cool!!!!
  5. jrts

    jrts Active Member

    Hi Roman

    I like it 8)
    Yes please, any idea when ? :roll: :lol:

  6. garyj36

    garyj36 Member

    How soon on the destroyer? Can we preorder?
  7. barry

    barry Active Member

    Yes please Roman.

    Resolutions it's far too late in life to bother I would break them all anyway.


  8. Atomsk

    Atomsk Member

    Sweet work on the Fletcher, Roman. I'll buy one when it's done.
  9. Gil

    Gil Active Member


    Beautiful work on the Fletcher Class and you made a New Years Resolution regarding the Arizona...., now I'm worried...,

    Best regards, Gil

    P.S. Santa dropped a host of all new computer systems on our house and I'm still dealing with uSoft OSs from Win 95 through Win XP Pro...., I have learned much unfortunately. Hopefully I've got enough performance now to finish a few items that have been on hold a bit too long....,
  10. MacGregor

    MacGregor New Member

    Hi Roman!

    The hull of your's "Fletcher" is very beautiful!!!


    Grzegorz Nowak
  11. fishotter

    fishotter New Member

    :D Yay! A good Fletcher Class at last! I tried building Modelik "USS Leutze", but it's such a complete mess, I gave up quickly. A pity really, I liked its camo a lot, but even that isn't entirely correct on that model. But perhaps it would be possible for DN to do alternative camo schemes? Perhaps even variants in armament, so the buyer could choose from a large number of vessels to build? Actually I was wondering whether that might be possible for the "Arizona" as well, to include an option to build the "Pennsylvania" instead? In my opinion the latter would be the more interesting ship since she had a real combat career for the duration of the entire war...
  12. DN

    DN Member

    That's the plan - round and square bridge in three, four camo schemes.
    Distant future though :(
  13. garyj36

    garyj36 Member

    But we want it now
  14. Gil

    Gil Active Member


    New Years Resolution Roman, finish the Arizona Roman..., Roman are you listening over, Roman please come in over...,

  15. rickstef

    rickstef Guest

    for those in the US, and able to get home in time

    the History Channel, their show Modern Marvels

    will be showing a whole show on the Fletcher class destroyers

    airing at 6pm EST, check your local listings for times in your time zone.

  16. Atomsk

    Atomsk Member

    Actually Rick, it's not an MM episode. It's a special called "The Destroyer".

    I looked to see if it was repeated a bazillion times, like HC is wont to do, but the last listed showing is at 5:00 PM today, central time.

    Looks like I'll have to cut out of work 10 minutes early.


    Can't you hear that chanting...

    "Fleeeecher, Fleeeecher, Fleeeecher, Fleeeecher, Fleeeecher"

    Okay, it's probably just me, and you progbably can't hear me way up in "The Big Squishy Banana", but there is chanting, none the less.
  17. DN

    DN Member

    I hear you guys, but I just have to finish what I have to finish 8) first.
    And I didn't make it home early enough for the show :cry:
  18. jrts

    jrts Active Member

    Hi Roman

    As long as my Fletcher is in the post tomorrow, take as long as you want :lol: :lol:

    It is needed.

    I have just finished modelik's USS Leutze and it has So many errors :shock: its only good for a kit bash


  19. Gil

    Gil Active Member


    Don't listen to Rob. See, he's already complaining about errors. Just think what he'll be like if you let him get his greedy paws on a Fletch. Now be a good chap and keep your Resolution Oaths. Your entire honor is now riding on it and we are watching.

    Kidding aside, you've gone and put yourself in a spot but it is fufilling the advertising and public relations niche nicely. Keep the tension high in preparation for the next release..., nice show and I'm taking notes.

    Best regards, Gil

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