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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by DANE, Apr 7, 2006.

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    I'm designing a layout in autocad and would like to know if anyone knows of a way to get actual dimensions for all the different n scale switches? and are these sizes different depending on the manufactures? I know I don't have to go threw this much trouble but I still a year or 2 away from being able to build and this helps me get by.

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    Switch dimensions

    Dane, I was wondering the same thing a few months ago. I was drawing a track plan in Adobe Illustrator. I was going to use Atlas code 55 switches and I needed drawings. I ended up making my own. Since they are pretty thin, I simply scanned in each turnout in photoshop and, using the scan as a template, I drew exact line drawings in Illustrator on top of the image. Then I took my calipers and measured the actual crucial dimension of length and angle of each, etc. The atleas #5 and #7 are 12 and 8 degrees respectively. I have Illustrator line art I could send you of these two turnouts. Autocad will recognize Illustrator Vector drawings. I'm not sure what brand of track you are going to use though.

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