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  1. Hookedtrout

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    I've been reading and calling and asking a lot of questions on starter DCC sets and I think I'm leaning toward the Digitrax Zephyr. I've talked with a guy at Loy's Toys about the size of my layout and what I plan on doing and he recommended a set up that includes the following.

    Deal includes: Zephyr, DT300, IR-ready walk-around throttle with a Coiled Cord, Loy's Toys PH-UP throttle panel, and 7' LocoNet cable.

    Price is $309

    I had one more question for them that I emailed them on tonight and have not yet received an answer and that is what is the "Zephyr" part of the package. Is it the DCS50 with the power pack or is it a different unit.

    Completely new to DCC and Model Railroading :confused: but I'm having a ball so far and you guys have been a huge part, many thanks.

  2. b28_82

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    I have a Zephyr which is the DCS50 and it comes with the power adapter too. I got mine from Tony's Train Exchange for about somewhere between $150-$200. The Zephyr is a pretty nice toy to have. I'm assuming that your "empire" only requires a couple trains running at a time.
  3. Hookedtrout

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    Correct assumption, I don't plan on having more than 2 trains and I'm not located near...well anything so I won't be in any clubs with others coming over to run on the layout or anything like that. It will just be Squeak (my 6 year old) and I and more than likely only one train at a time.

  4. Hookedtrout

    Hookedtrout Member

    Ordered the Zephyr with the coiled cord 300 series hand held. Here we go, wish me luck on the wiring.

    I've read that you need boosters to beef up the power, if I'm only running 2 engines on a 10X12 L shaped layout will I need a booster? Can you add a booster to the Digitrax Zephyr if the booster is built into the control center?

  5. Gary Pfeil

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    The Zephyr is rated at 2.5 amps, plenty for two locos. If you were to run say 4 older Athearns you'd be aproaching the max. You could probably run 10 Atlas type locos. You can add a booster at any time in the future. While I don't have the Zephyr (I have the Chief) I assume there is a telephone type jack that provides the loconet line. You'd simply plug the booster into loconet and divide your layout into two sections by gapping both rails where ever works out best.

    I didn't know coiled cords were available for Digitrax throttles, is that something Loy's does himself? Are you getting the IR receiver or are you going to just plug in?


  6. Hookedtrout

    Hookedtrout Member

    Might be something Loy does I'm not sure, as for the IR I had paid any attention so I just went and read it and it says it is IR Ready you just have to add the U90 what ever that is and add batteries to the handheld.

  7. Gary Pfeil

    Gary Pfeil Active Member

    The UR90 is the IR receiver, plugs into that loconet line, just like the booster does. You mentioned some throttle panel, I assume that is equivalent to the Digitrax UP5. This also plugs into the loconet. You can daisychain as many as you'd like, so you can plug in convieniently. IR allows you to run without plugging in, which is nice, and cheaper than radio. It is line of sight however so you need to somewhat face the receiver. You still need to plug in to select locos to run.
  8. Hookedtrout

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    That makes it a lot clearer. :thumb: The room is 10X12 and after the deck was installed there isn't a lot of room for wandering around so I'll try the corded version for awhile and see if the IR is something beneficial. Cost would be an issue as well I guess as far as how much convenience it add vs cost.


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