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Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by hancop, Mar 15, 2007.

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    The lititure for this device says that it can control signals as well as 8 turnout devices. Does that mean at the same time, or does it mean that if you use it for turnout devices it reduces the number of signals you can control ? I guess what I want to know is if the output terminals from the SE8C either control one set of signals or 1 turnout device, therefore the more turnout devices you use it for the less signals it can control or vise versa.

    If it can indeed control up to 8 turnout devices and still control the full complement of signals, would people not be better off purchasing this then say two DS54's ? It would be cheaper to purchase the SE8C and even if you did not want signalling now you would be setup for the future.

    Is my assumption correct that if you want have signalling and control turnouts, you don't need any other digitrax electronics other than the SE8C ? You don't need DS54's with SE8C's correct ?

    Is there any advantages to the DS54's over the SE8C when using for turnout devices ?

    Is there a better product for cheaper that can control turnouts and do signalling ?

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    Briefly looking through the manual, it shows the turnouts and local buttons connected to the edge connector, and the signal cables connected through on-board connectors; so it appears they are separate functions and should be available simultaneously. But I can't say for sure. Slow-motion turnout motors are required, as are signal masts and cables (supplied separately).

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