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Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by Llewelyn, Nov 7, 2007.

  1. Llewelyn

    Llewelyn New Member

    Evenin' all...

    I've embarked on DN's "new" v108, IN 1:200 (perhaps rather rashly) as a first foray into card models, which is something I've not done before although I've done a fair bit of plastic modelling. There are some points, though, about which I'm not entirely clear, nor do the assembly diagrams help and note that I'm not for a moment knocking Digital Navy for a freebie download - the kit is excellent and is, after all, free.

    My progress so far is on my website: Ddol-las homepage, where as you'll see I've been having some fun. I was just cutting out the bulkhead for the fo'c'sle, and I noted that it should have a door, part #55, attached to it. OK, went and found #55 on the parts sheet and there are 4 of 'em. A bit more study found 2 more places to stick doors, one on the charthouse (if that's what it is, on the aft side of the bridge) and one on the port side of the superstructure under the bridge. However, I don't see where the 4th one goes.

    Somewhere else I saw mention of someone having scaled up the V108 to 1:150, don't know if that was the "new" kit, or the old 1:250 one. However, it's not a bad idea - I'm about to get me hands on an A3 printer, and the "new" kit, being at 600 dpi, would scale up to 1:100, I reckon. Failing that, I need to buy some magnifying glasses and pointy tweezers, as some of the small parts are really small. I intend finishing this one, though, it's a challenge :)

    If anyone can shed light on where the 4th door goes, it'd be handy.
  2. David H

    David H Member

    Hi Llewlyn,

    I did! I reckon a nominal 1:150ish scale. I have about three things to do and she's finished. What can I say, this is a great kit, and as first one I reckon we made the right choice!

    Good to see the triangles are there, the full hull version requires a whole lot of those.

    I guess all my V108 pics have gone? I will have to finish her off and post some new photos - or even the whole shooting match.

    The forth door, hmm I reckon that's a spare. Did you laminate them to double the thickness? Makes them look a bit more chunky.

  3. Llewelyn

    Llewelyn New Member

    I guess it could be a spare. I've printed the parts on 220gsm card - dunno what that is in lbs, I did try to look into that but it seems that there are a whole raft of different scales for measuring paper/card in lbs. I'm no apologist for the metric system, but I have to admit that gsm makes more sense. The 220gsm is about .25mm thick, and so it doesn't look far off on that scale for the thickness of a door.

    Looking at a picture of the "old" kit, it appears to have doors stuck on similarly on the starboard side of the superstructure below the bridge, but I don't see those on the "new" kit.

    Next stage here is, I think, fitting the side panels, then it'll look more like a ship.
  4. Amazyah

    Amazyah Senior Member

    Nice looking build and a nice little website you got there to keep track of it!
    Welcome to the forums:welcome1: and thanks a heap for sharing!
    You got me back into wanting to build a ship again!:twisted:

    As soon as I get to it in the build list, I'll let ya know about that door, unless someone else comes up with it first, that is!:mrgreen:

  5. Llewelyn

    Llewelyn New Member

    Well, I can't find anywhere for it to go, so right now it's just a spare.

    I think this one is going to go "on hold" now, 'til I gain some more experience and get some really fine-scale tools - some of the small bits are very small!

    I was hoping to have gottne hold of an A3 printer, but it turns out to be another A4 one, which is a pity. An A3 one would have been a nifty way of scaling up a model... as it is, I'll have to look at spanning pages, 'cos I've spent the money that I might have bought a new A3 printer with :(

    I think the next one will be DN's sub-chaser. One day, I'm going to buy a kit to make a Dornier Do X that I've seen, dunno if that counts as ships or planes though :)
  6. Amazyah

    Amazyah Senior Member

    Whatever you decide to do, I'm sure it will be great!:thumb:
    I think you are underestimating yourself but I can certainly understand wanting to have the right tools for the job!
    I'm looking forward to seeing whatever you do, actually!:twisted:

  7. Llewelyn

    Llewelyn New Member

    Maybe, but there's stuff around 1-2mm size which needs cutting out and assembling. I will finish it, but it's definitely going to need some tools I don't have.
  8. Teamski

    Teamski Member

    Looking good so far. After the first ship, you will start getting an innate sense of how to construct them without much help from the instructions, which makes it a lot easier! Keep up the great work!


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