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Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by Bryant01, Sep 5, 2004.

  1. Bryant01

    Bryant01 New Member

    Well, here I thought that I had discovered something really cool. But you guys are way ahead of me. And Dan. I see that we share similar interests (Girls and cars). Just to get wild and crazy, I did one yesterday that includes both foreground and background: The SP Sunset Limited coming out of New Orleans in 1950.. They mostlu used B&W photography back then.

    Bryant :D

    follow the link to:
  2. Dan Vincent

    Dan Vincent Member


    Wow, nice that would look good in Sepia.

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  3. jwmurrayjr

    jwmurrayjr Member


    That looks supa!

    How are you printing the background and what do you attach it to. And how large is each panel and ..... :)
  4. Bryant01

    Bryant01 New Member

    Dan, you are right, it DOES look good in sepia. Man! You got all the tricks. And Jim, this is all just smoke and mirrors. Nothing is real except the strip through the middle that contains the Bachmann Spectrum, the automobiles, the bushes and the trestle I made from popsicle sticks. I suppose I COULD print it out for a background if I had a good printer, but I havn't (yet). I think if I continue on with this, I will probably just leave my walls sky blue as they are now.
    Anyhow, the sepia is good enough for framing and putting up in the den.
  5. Dan Vincent

    Dan Vincent Member


    It always amazes me how many guys there are on this board who can build such fabulous models and then have the ability to photograph them with such professional or even artistic results.

    Welcome to the board, I love this kind of stuff...always something new to learn.

    I have high speed internet and can handle large attachments. I usually take digital pictures 2500 pixels wide and have no trouble mailing or receiving photos that size. You may have a program that can change B/W to sepia, if not, e-mail me your large picture, I'll convert it and send it back. I'm using paint shop pro-7.

    My email is

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