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Discussion in 'Free Models' started by -Jim G, Dec 15, 2013.

  1. -Jim G

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    Since the beginning of Design Group Alpha we have published a free Christmas model every year. This year the model is a DHC-3T DeHavilland Turbo Otter in Santa Claus´ North Pole Air Force livery. The model is being distributed for free from www.ecardmodels.com <-click this link for the model.

    Instructions for the Otter are also free from ecardmodels: Otter Instructions <-click this link
  2. -Jim G

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    I don´t have the instructions for the turbo nose published yet - but here is a series of pictures that you can use to finish your Christmas Otter:
  3. -Jim G

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    I would love to see photos of your build of this model!
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    SWEET!! I'm signed up at http://www.ecardmodels.com I would recommend it, there are a lot of really excellent models there, and with Chris being a member here, you're assured good service, as he is extremely accessible. Thanks for posting this. :)
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  6. -Jim G

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    Someone pointed out to me that the sheet numbers of the model are incorrect. They presently read 1of4 to 3of4. They should read 1of3 to 3of3.

    There is a free add on sheet for skis which is also available if you search ecardmodels - so if you must have a fourth sheet, you can get one ;)

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