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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by jjqgenesis, Apr 1, 2003.

  1. jjqgenesis

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    I was wondering what method is used to determine MP miles on a model railroad. If I was modeling a part of a prototype (real) railroad I suppose I would use actual MP distances.
    I'm modeling a freelance N scale layout, no time period, no specific railroad. If I like the way an engine or car looks and if it runs well, I will buy it. The fact that I have power running together that may never have run together is not a concern.
    I have a single track mainline which is a total of 75 feet long (2.7 smiles?), several spurs and 2 small yards not included in that total footage. The thought of starting at MP 1.0 and ending at MP 75.0 just doesn't seem right.
    It is an out and back but looks like a point to point. Modeled after the Berryville and Summit Pt. Railway, MR, 10/1957 by Gordon Olegard, modified somewhat by me.
    Still in fairly early construction but I can run a train on the mainline with one turnout thrown and it becomes a continous loop.
    Wondering what others do.
  2. billk

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    The way I've heard it, a "smile" is some arbitrary distance less than a scale mile. This allows you to use more mile posts, just because they add flavor. In your case, maybe a smile could be 5 actual ft., so you could use 25 of them.
  3. Tyson Rayles

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    I'm using about 3 time the length of the longest train. About 2 and ahalf feet in my case. Why? well I dont want a train that has a single engine, 5 cars and a caboose to have its engine ahead of milemarker 7 while its caboose hasn't gottten to mile marker 5. For 7 units that would scream "FAKE"!!!!! Also I'm supposed to be representing a (freelanced but based on a prototype) 12 mile shortline and I have about 30 ft. of mainline. But the bottom line is do whatever you are happy with! :D

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