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  1. Relic

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    I was just looking at some fantastic photo,s over in the other bay, that by the way made me wanna burn my junk (ha) Anyway the thing I thought of was nobody with steam setups models burned ties. When I was a kid I spent a lot of thme playing on the tracks(??) it was also a lot shorter by about two miles to the next community. ANYWAY(Get to the point) there were lots of ties in various degrees of burnedupedness
  2. Ralph

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    An interesting detail idea fo steam layouts. I like the concept of "burnedupness" too! :)
    Any ideas out there for modeling burned ties?
  3. Zman

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    A blowtorch?
  4. zedob

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    I've read (born too late) about the vegetation around tracks catching fire during the steam era and I do remember seeing ties that looked rather charred (the ties were old '29-'30 by the date nails). I always wanted to model a blackened fill, but didn't even think about including the ties. Good observation.

    I know one thing for sure, RR ties burn rather well, with all of that creosote.
  5. ezdays

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    Don't think that would work on plastic ties too well.:eek:

    My though would be to grind away individual ties using a Dremil tool, then blacken the burned areas.

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