Delsom Museum.

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    Hi Group, :thumb: March 17th, 07.
    Saturday 13:15 Hrs. M.D.T.

    Delson Museum:D I haven't Been there in Years But I Do
    Try to Keep an Update:) on the Place when Time Permits.
    My Views, Yes the Place is Worth the Visits etc, Ok, Its Not
    Like Sacramento, or Illinois Railway Museum or Stratford etc,
    or Steamtown, But for What They Have, Its Better Then Nothing and
    Yes to Get a Communter Train to the Front Door :thumb: Plus a Few
    Other Preveledges etc, Makes for a Wothwhile Visit.
    If You have a Chance to Visit the Place,announce1 Go For It.
    and Enjoy and Most of All have FUN.:D

    Thanks Group.

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  3. jambo101

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    Operater you are a tough sell if you think the Delson museum is merely
    "better than nothing" i think its time you paid another visit to its 15 or more restored steam locomotives,its 20 different trolleys and passenger cars and a huge collection of restored rolling stock and other projects under construction,also the huge model layout downstairs of the admission office,.I havent been to any other RR museums in Canada but i cant see any of them getting much better than Delsons Expo rail museum.
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    The Canadian Railway Museum (Exporail) at St. Constant (no longer Delson), across the St. Lawrence River from Montreal is Canada's premier railway museum and is likely to receive national museum status shortly.
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    It just received funding and its new designation from the Government of Canada last month under Bill C-340. This will mean more money coming in so that they can do some restoration work on the equipment that they have. For many years, Delson has been short of monies to keep things going. They've done wonders with what they have.

    Bob M.
  6. Operater

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    Delson Museum.

    Hi Group, March 121st, 07.
    Wednesday 17:20 Hrs. M.D.T.

    Ok, Re Delson Museum, I Still Call the Place, Delson Museum
    as The Place was in the Town of Delson When the Museum was Started
    Back in the 60s. The Front Entrence was in the Town of St Constant
    as the Creek was the Towns Boundry if I'm Correct.
    My Last Visit was in 99 on a Wkd Visit to Ottawa Via Montreal
    Fly In, Fly Out etc so I Rented a Car and Visited the Museum on the Way to
    Ottawa, Drive to Delson, Drive Out to Mtl's West Island on the 2/20 Highway
    and on to Ottawa, I did it That Way to Visit Locations and See the
    C.P./C.N. Main Lines and Other Locations.
    As I see It, Even If I Don't Live in the EAST, I Keep In Touch
    with Whats Happening at the Museum as Best I Can as Time Permits etc.
    Yes Delson Has Come Along Way. I Remember Years Ago, They Were
    Lucky to Get any Grants If That, Try to Late 60s, 70s etc. I Moved to
    Canada from quebec in the Late 70s but when I Lived There I Used to
    Help Out at the Museum When I could get Rides Out.
    If You Have Seen C.N. No. 49 the Small 4-6-0T It Has a
    Special Pllace for Me as I Helped Paint the Engine and the Tires White and
    Did some Work on C.N. No 4100 the 2-10-2 etc. Plus a few Other Things
    as Well.
    Yes Delson has Come a Long Way Over the Years, If I Lived
    Down East in the Areas, Yes I'd B Pleased to Help Out There. I do like the
    Street Cars, The Freight Equipment etc. They Appeal to Me. Plus Some of
    the Steam Engines and Diesels, I'm an Alco/Mlw Diesel Fan.
    I Give the Museum CREDIT for What They have Done in
    the Last 20 Yrs or So. I Hope Thay can Go Farther as Time Goes On. They Can
    Call it "Expo Rail". etc. Great, Living in Western Canada Now, For Me It will
    Always B the Delson Museum, for Personal Reasons, Why, Because Its How
    I Really Got Started with Railfanning, the Steam/Diesel Chartered Trips out of
    Montreal, 6218, 6060, Trips out of Windsor, Toronto etc.
    Got to See a Lot of Ontario, Quebec and New England States
    Meet Lots of Railfans and Had a Great Time in the Process.
    I'll Close for Now. Thanks for letting Me Have a Say and Do a
    Bit of an Update. I Still Say, If You Have a Chance to Visit Delson Anytime, Go
    for It. Well Worth the Fun, OK.

    Thanks Group, train97
  7. Biased turkey

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    Thanks for the information Operater.
    For sure I'll check if you did a good job on the CN #49 and the cN #4100.
    Tomorrow i'll make some reservation for one of the 3 excursions by rail to the Dilson St. Constant museum.

    I purchased my 1st digital camera a few months ago so I'm ready.
  8. Biased turkey

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    I made some reservation for the railroad excursion to Exporail ( musée ferroviaire Canadien ) in St. Constant.
    The date is on july 8 2007.
    I'll be there with my wife and my mother ( she is 86 years old and insisted on going to the excursion )
    I'll be wearing a "Guinness" baseball cap.
    If some Canadian or US friends are interested, we can give the hospitality for 2 persons for 2 nights.
    We don't have any spare bedroom, but we'll unfold the Ikea coach ( see the pic ).
    Food ( and Belgian beer ) will be free for The Gauge member .
    We'll take the metro to go to the Lucien Lallier station where the excursion starts.

    If anyone is interested, please send me a private email.

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    Hey Operator,

    If you're still bored and want something to do, 6060 is just over a hour away from your location (Stettler) and is always looking for some help in the TLC department.


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