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    Can anyone enlighten me about the degrees that are stated along with the length and radius of track. I am thinking about purchasing Kato track and have noticed that they list 15,30,or 45 degrees with the radius of the track. Does it relate to how many pieces it takes to make a turn?
  2. billk

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    You got it!

    # of pieces to make a full circle = 360 / degrees of one piece

    # of pieces to make a half circle = 180 / degrees of one piece

    PS: Does anybody know offhand the "radius" and "degrees" (two of each) that goes into making Peco curved turnouts? I think the radii are 18" and 36", but what are the degrees?
  3. kettlestack

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    Bilk, I have in front of me the Peco Catalog.

    Curved HO turnout data:-

    Outside radius is 60" (1,524mm) no degrees specified.
    Inside radius is 30" (762mm) no degrees specified.

    Their large radius turnouts are also 60" radius and are quoted as being 12 degrees.
    None of their other turnouts are 30" radius but all are 12 degrees.

    As their crossings and double slips are made in 12 degrees it is reasonable to assume 12 degrees is their standard.

  4. billk

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    Thanks, Errol - but I should have been more specific -

    I meant for their N scale Code 55 turnout - my mistake.

    It gets more confusing, since I believe all their N scale Code 55 frogs are 10 degrees, and that's not the degrees I'm wondering about!
  5. wendell

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    Kato track

    Just divide 360 deg by (45,30,15) 45=8pcs 30=12 15=24

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