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Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by steamhead, Jun 27, 2005.

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    I ran into a little problem last night. I noticed that my Spectrum 2-8-0 was not decelerating properly-it begins to slow down, and then comes to a screeching halt. I thought I might have a binding problem but after checking it thorougly I found nothing wrong. I disassembled the loco and checked how the motor behaved as it decelerates (it's on DCC) and found it does just that..It begins to slow down and then it stops abruptly, even though the setting for deceleration is set to 10. I figure it may be the decoder. Is it possible that only that one function could go wrong?

    Any advice would be most helpful. Thanks.

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    I don't have a real answer for you other than in the "magical" world of technology, anything is possible... :D I suppose that only one function could be compromised on a decoder by way of a little static electricity or some other short/fault.

    I wold suggest that maybe you convert back to DC operation just to see how the motor behaves. The other CV that might be affecting performance is the starting voltage CV.

    You have now exhausted my knowledge of decoders... ;)

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    I'm with Andrew on DCC knowledge, so I won't even attempt to answer your question with any authority. But I do have a question of my own that might help. Where is the smarts in the DCC system? By that I mean, does the controller, or transmitter send a signal to the loco to "decelerate at 10" and the decoder does the work, or does the controller send a series of signals that cause the loco to decelerate at that rate. If it is the latter, I'd say that it would appear to be a mechanical problem rather than an electronic one.

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