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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by jr switch, Nov 23, 2006.

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    I'm running two separate tracks on an MRC 220 controller, just DC. A 22" oval with an 18" oval inside it. Works fine 98% of the time , but from time to time, if both trains are going slowly, they will stop and then no response from controller. If I turn off power, for even just a few minutes, then turn back on, both trains are running fine again. Is there some sort of breaker or overload protector built into the MRC 220? Unit is just barely warm, no signs of being too hot, no odor or anything. Just do not want to damage anything.---J R
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    If there is a short in your system, the MRC controller will kick in its built in circuit breaker.
    I'd chek your wiring, for a short, something metal (tinsle from the tree...I know its early, but advice for those planning trains under the tree)on the track or, because you're running the two trains slow, it might be overheating the controller, kicking in the breaker. It won't be warm to the touch, as the breaker will kick in before it gets too hot.
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    Thanks for the quick reply, 88fan1----no tinsel, track is temp. set up in workroom. Nothing on tracks, all very visable, but you may have a point on the running two trains to slowly. Also, the four passenger cars pulled by the GP30, have a slight amount of drag due to the contacts for the coach lights drag on all the wheels on the inside, even when freshly lubed. Two or three of the freight cars have not been converted to metal wheels yet and create a slight drag on the EMD SW7 switcher. So I will not run slowly too often. Thanks for the info-----John R

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