DE Jaccard/ IJN Matsu new builds at 1:400!

Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by airbob, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. airbob

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    :announce1I have selected the Fly Model kit USS DE Jaccard and the IJN Matsu...kit was at 1:200 scale that has been recolored (I thought the IJN "deck tan" was too dark)...and reduced to 1:400 scale for my flotilla of these "littler" ships....will send you pics as I assemble these two little ships
    Here we gooooo! :drag1:

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  2. airbob

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    DE hull construction begins on Jaccard

    These are pictures of the beginning of the construction of the hull on the DE Jaccard at 1:400 scale...with the added reinforcing/binding strips on the bulkheads of the hull red areas of the hull and the placement of the main deck on the hull....I hope that you enjoy these pictures of the assembly of this litle is very enjoyable to begin this construction of this up to now neglected part of the American and Japanese WW II navies and all the gallant sailors that manned these little ships...thanks to Fly Model for producing these 2 little DE's (American and Japanese)!...I will tackle the Matsu after I finish the Jaccard...:wave:

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  3. causticphlegm

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    Wow..1:400, huh? This is gonna be a very interesting build at that scale. You guys that can do this kind of stuff and still maintain the necessary level of detail really amaze me.

    So far so good. Looking forward to more pics. :thumb:
  4. airbob

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    continuing on hull of Jaccard

    I've decided to use 3mm hull plates on the hull red areas of the hull of the Jaccard over the red hull sections with this result....interesting to note the effect....

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  5. YuG

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    Nice build :thumb:and I like plating on hull very much

    Looking forward to seeing your progress
  6. eibwarrior

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    That's a neat idea on the hull plating. Looks very realistic.

    That works well on the small scale.
  7. airbob

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    I have deceided that I will restart this hull...although this is intresting...and I think it would be wonderful for a hull, say like the "Cutty Sark" where you have copper plates for the final hull dressing....this is not appropriate for a DD or DE:cry:...should be smooth...maybe suggestion of some linear pattern...but overall much more shall begin over:oops:...I will keep you posted with pictures of the always...peace out!:thumb:
  8. airbob

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    continuing on hull of Jaccard and now Hughes...

    I have decided to build the Jaccard and the Hughes DE as Don B has suggested...they are identical except for "reversed" camouflage.... so I am building the DE Jaccard as per plan and have "reversed" the camouflage and will build the DE Hughes in this pattern. These are pictures of the completed hull plating and hulls up to the main deck line...notice that the camouflage pattern is a "mirror image" of the other one...I hope you enjoy the shots of the build progress:thumb:
    sister hulls finished
    sister hulls finished-deck portside
    sister hulls finished-deck starboard
  9. eibwarrior

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    Very nice Airbob.

    My hat's off to a fellow Tennessean.
  10. airbob

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