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    I'm confused.any help I have a brass ac12 cab forward with dcc.i'm using the atlas master.my question is can i run this engine on an anolog track with out messing up or maby blowing the dcc.this engine ran fine but the sound got under my skin and i wanted to open up the track so i could run other engines.well i tried hooking up the dcc again and wouldn't you know it i can't get the engine running again.if i blew the decoder out i guess the engine will be put on display.:cry: :curse: :oops:
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    I don't understand exactly what you did, but is it the sound or the entire loco that is not working now it is back on a DCC-controlled track?

    In general, the answer is "maybe". Whether your sound decoder is compatible with DC depends on which decoder it is. Some are designed to operate on both, some get fried by DC.

  3. Woodie

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    I too, don't quite understand what you did. Did you unplug your DCC system, and return your layout to DC so you could run your other DC only locos? (including the DCC loco?). There should be no problem placing a DCC equiped loco on a DC track. It may not work, depending on CV settings, (DE enabled = yes or no), or even if your DCC decoder has that option, but it should not harm the decoder.

    Are you saying you then switched you layout back to DCC, and now your DCC loco does not work? In what way does it "not work"? Have you placed your DCC loco on the programming track and tried to read some of the CV values?

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