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Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by kchronister, Sep 12, 2005.

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    I recall some conversations along these lines, but can't find 'em in search...

    Looking for suggestions for DCC-friendly turnouts of choice (HO). I'd prefer to get something ready to roll rather than having to mess with them... Would need a range of sizes up to something along the order of a "high speed" turnout on my mainline (36" radius).

    Any care to recommend?
  2. 60103

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    Most turnouts are DCC friendly as long as they don't have one piece stamped points. The major problem is metal wheels shorting between the stock rail and the open point.
    Peco Insulfrog are the fastest to install if you don't mind plastic frogs. Peco Electrofrog are better, but need a touch of wiring (jumper to the points and a switch to the frog). I like Peco code 75--I think they run better than code 100. The new code 83 get a lot of comments, but they look too American for my layout. Not so much variety yet.

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