DCC or DC to power trains

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Edavillenut, Mar 11, 2003.

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    There is no reason why a DCC layout would "develop" shorts where a DC layout would not. A short is a physical "bridge" between the two current carrying wires or tracks. It has nothing to do with the electronics used by either system. Random shorting like that described can usually be attributed to sloppy track laying (a mistery nail) or bad wiring. Whather you are using DC or DCC, you have to be very careful that your track and the wiring are first rate.
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    Actually I hear and have read of more problems with DCC equipped locomotives then I have DCC ready..
    One can not wonder why this is so.
    Of course DCC does have some strange quirks as well.We all know that.

    What is funny this whole DCC/DC debate will seem moot when the next new control system comes along to replace DCC and DC...And the debates will rage on.
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    The thing is, that whatever replaces DCC; DC, when wired correctly, Will still work. :D :D
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    Sounds like you may have a some sabotage going on!
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    I didn't vote because I have both.
    I have a micro board ( 25" by 36 " ) and build 2 N scale layouts to match that size.
    One is a Fleischmann digital starter set with a steam engine.
    The 2nd one has selected components ( I made the selection based on the various and wise opinions I saw on The Gauge : Atlas track and turnouts, MRC 200 controller, Life-Like diesel SW9 locomotive.
    Of course in my case going digital wit only 1 loco is overkill, but I understand that for bigger layouts with several locomotives DCC is a blessing.
    I live in an apartment, that's why I was forced to go the N scale way. The maximum space I'll ever have for a layout is a 30" by 80" .But now I realise that I can have a HO switching layout ( timesaver for example ) on that space.
    I already built a diorama for a Marklin digital HO loco my ( old ) mother gave me as a present. So this year as a Christmas present to myself I purchased a Marklin Digital starter set and I'll make a switching layout on a door. I already can see the advantage of going DCC on a switching layout.
    The only negative point against DCC ( except higher price of course ) is that the speed control is by increments. I prefer the linear control of DC , it feels more realistic.
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    I have both.
    I have too many locomotives to justify going fully DCC (I prefer building to running/operating). So I did some experimentation with DCC, and found that it was less enjoyable for me than just using normal DC. I don't care to have multiple trains moving on the same mainline, so I can't justify the added maintenance on a layout that gets about an hour of use every month. My MRC Control Master 20 reigns supreme on the HO at home.

    In the future, I do intend to go DCC fully, but I don't view decoder purchasing as being a remotely acceptable use of my hobby dollars. I'd rather spend them on tools and materials.

    I'd prefer to have the scent of locomotives and the blast of cylinder cocks rather than sound.

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