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    I dont think its a short. I really believe that for what ever reason the decoder is not accepting the cv changes. I also get "good" when I change how I am programming it say po mode ect. The only issue is after I do get the good and try to run the engine it still only works with the 03 number. The ditch lights are not an issue. They are hooked up correct but again I can not get the decoder to accept and keep the cv changes. Its like it says good and then forgets. :( I guess calling the LHS first and then trying Digitrax is where I am at now. Thanks for everyones help, and yes I will let you know how it turns out. :)
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    I'm going to try and tak a video of my engine that is doing what yours is doing. Did you get a response from digitrax?

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    I had to work and wont be able to call them till Friday. I talked to the LHS and I am disapointed to report they said they have no idea. I dont believe that but what ever. I will get help else where. :)

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    Well, I have called another place and hope they can let me know tomorrow. We will see and I will let you all know. :(
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    I have a couple pictures of my "fail" situation that is similar to yours, but thought better of posting them as it wouldn't actually help you solve you issue, just show you what i found out about mine :).

    Could you take a quick snapshot of how you have your loco wired? I got some help wiring my spectrum and it corrected the issue, going to try the same on the boxcab and see how that helps.
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    posting "good shots" of how you wired a decoder up DOES help those of us that know whats going on, see if you wired something wrong:thumb:. weather its a regular decoder, or a sound decoder, they are wired about the same;). if you are shorting out, it would make it easier for us to see where/why. "a picture tells a 1000 words" :D -Deano

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    The engine runs FINE with the 03 number. The lights work, runs in the correct direction ect. I just can't get to accept CV changes. Its not a TUMOR, short. LOL

    I am hoping to get some help tomorrow and I will let you all know what happens! :)
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    :) o.k. but i did explain that the same thing is happening in my box cab engine. Runs great w/ address 03, lights work functions work, everything looks great, hell i can even read the various data back from cv's. Go to program the thing into 4 address mode.... Fail .... O.k. must be my decoder, started looking around on groups. Found an articel about older digitrax command stations not working properly in paged mode so i emailed digitrax they sent me this:

    So ... i took the decoders out and instlaled one in my spectrum (that was an adventure in its own right but i finally got it to work w/ the help of fellow gaugers) and it works fine no issue can program and read all cv's. The second decoder is going to be installed in an older athearn which is still on my bench.

    So saying all that to say i didn't think it was short either but something living inside my boxcab hates dcc and not even all dcc JUST chanign its address to something other than 3 .. hmmm maybe the box cab has a nmber 3 fetish!! :D

    Either way when in doubt send it back :) they'll hook you up. They (digitrax) were very responsive.

    Oh and I'd like to see how you wired your ditch lights so i can wire mine the same way!! :-D

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    Well, I went to this place today:

    He put both of my engines on the programing track and the programmed both engines with his computer. He gave me the free software to do this as well for future jobs. He even showed me how easy it is to do. :)

    He programed the ditch lights as well. I have no idea what was wrong with the orginal way I tried to program it but what ever. :)

    I asked him if I had done anything wrong and he said no, everything looked good to go! :)

    With that I have no idea and at this point I dont care. :)

    In regards to the ditch lights I will show you what I did do and what I am going to change it to when I get a second. I dont have the time right now, but I plan on working on this in the next couple of days.

    Thanks to all who tried to help! It is appreciated! :)
  10. woodone

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    That sounds like very good service! I take it that you did not purchase the decoders from him in the first place? But this guy was willing to help you out !:thumb:
  11. ScottyB

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    Glad to hear it worked out. I have bought all my decoders from Litchfield Station and have found they have great service and great pricing. The free shipping can't be beat.

    Very odd that your wiring was right and it still wouldn't program the standard way. I look forward to reading what actually worked (cv's)...

  12. COMBAT

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    I did not purchase them from him, well at least not those two, but I needed another one with sound that I did purchase from him along with ditch light led's resistors, shrink tubing, tape, and some other stuff I cant remember now. He even took the time to tell me how to wire it and mount it. Service, hell yeah sevice!

    :) I will be buying my other DCC stuff from him too because of it! :)

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