Dave....? Are you awake.....? Dave... ? ( A little bit of fun to pass a rainy day..)

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by DanBKing, Jun 3, 2012.

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    I was awoken from my slumber this morning by a very grumpy Hal 9000 ....

    I looked into his bleary red eye, ( I think he had been on the silicon cocktails last night.......:cry:) and listened carefully to his story, as he explained to me, that he was feeling a little disappointed in how long it was taking to build the Discovery...... (He is very excited about his upcoming new home.... it makes him sing all the time.....: "Daisy... Daisy....." :rolleyes:)

    He explained that he was feeling like a vagabond, with no home.........

    So, I hurriedly offered a temporary compromise: A temporary home, that he can use to get around a bit more, get out of the house and see a bit more of the world........I get a bit worried when HAL is in a bad mood....(We all know what HAL can get like when he is a little upset......:evil: )

    So, I went down stairs, and thinking to myself that this little distraction would also help to eliminate the boredom of building 60 module for the spine of the Discovery, I started on the build process of HAL's new 'home,' while he watched me critically over my shoulder......

    So, I cut out and prepared all the components....


    Started on the legs.... I put a strip of masking tape to tighten up the swivel joints a bit more. This should help HAL from falling over when he is walking home from the pub....


    Half way there ....... On the last leg.... So to speak.....
    (You can also see part of the building site from the Discovery, in the background...)


    I finished it off and presented it to HAL, who excitedly moved in straight away.

    I offered to take some pictures to commemorate the event.... He was a little shy at first...


    But, when I told him I will be doing some more construction on the Discovery tonight; He was WELL happy!!


  2. That's great! :D
    In the last photo he almost looks like dancing.
  3. Zathros

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    That's really funny! Great!:)
  4. Jackrum

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    HAH. Brilliant :)
  5. ASC Mclaren

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  6. PemTech

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    That is hysterical....
  7. vbsargent

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    Love it!!!sign1
  8. F131

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    Very clever.

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