Da Dread Claw (40K Life-sized)

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by the good green, Jul 30, 2010.

  1. the good green

    the good green New Member

    It's a Dreadnought Close Combat "hand" looted to be used as a Power Klaw. The Dread Klaw is only the first piece of a costume I started working working on not too long ago. The ork head will be attached to my chest, with my own head disguised as a grot on his shoulders. Then there is the "Hulk" muscle shirt I'll have for the ork's torso.

    Here's Da Dread Klaw:

    I've been trying to make a template for the main body, so I can cut out one piece that will rap all the way around and connect in a nice straight line. So far I haven't had much success. I've been leaning to just doing it in sections, but I will still need to figure out the arc needed for a perfect fit.

    This is my first build so if anyone has any tips, I'd love to here them. I'm saving up to replace the cardboard with PVC so it is a bit more durable.

    Thanks for reading.
  2. silveroxide

    silveroxide Well-Known Member

    I see that you are using tape to hold the sides in place. A hot glue gun will help in your case with the tape as a backup. Once you are done, You can cover the build with metal paper or colored paper. I am interested as to how you are going to do the legs.
  3. the good green

    the good green New Member

    Well, the legs will be my legs... with some big boots. It's an ork costume. There is a guy working on a dreadnought costume over on dakkadakka, but a few people pissed him off with too many "MOAR" comments and now he won't post until it's done. :( But what he has posted is amazing.

    The builds for my costume include Da Dred Klaw, a chain axe yet to be named, and an ork head. I'll be making some armour too, shoulder pads and a gut plate. I've been working on an "ideal" template for da klaw too, but I haven't put it in any format yet.

    I'm using tape to hold it together for now in the hopes that I will be able to take it apart and trace the cardboard onto sheets of PVC. I have made a one piece "skin for the main body of it that almost fits, the larger end of it isn't quite large enough.

    Here's a sketch of the costume:
  4. Finnlock

    Finnlock New Member

    I will be watching this closely, great start!
    PM me if you want to have the link to a warhammer 40k costume building site.
  5. Soulreaperlord

    Soulreaperlord New Member

    That claw is B.A. I would suggest going blood talon though, would work better as a power claw imho
  6. Borchsenius

    Borchsenius New Member

    Xeno-scum the inqusition will deal with this hersey! - but on another note I think the dread CC weapon should have lots of wires and fluid filled hoses connecting it to the ork..

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