Cylon Centurion Rifle

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    A pipe is solid. A hose is flexible.
    I'm glad that my pipe is solid, when I smoke it.
    And I'm glad my hose, is not always flexible, when I need to use it ......;):)
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    I wouldn't recommend it, I burned a hole in a wall by amping up a helium pump laser back in 1989. these new ones can light matches if you simply eliminate the a few resistors. fire hazard and blindness hazard. just use a neon led with focusing lenses to make a beam, you won't regret it.


    [but safety first]
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    @DanBKing : Please, please re-read post #20 of this thread. This is not life, this is where I live... :boat::boat::boat:
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    Alright, the "hoses" have arrived..! :)

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    Tube #1 is 45 cm long with a 4 cm diameter, tube #2 10 cm with a 5 cm diameter. The longer one will become the barrel, the smaller one will become the end piece of the muzzle. The tubes are clear, the wrinkles you see are caused by the protective wrapping which will be removed later. The smaller one had to be shortened a bit with a dremel. To achieve a good result I had wrapped some masking tape around the middle.


    Then I added some pencil spots around it using a ruler.


    Two more masking tape stripes were attached at both sides of the marks, leaving a small alignment channel for the dremel cutting tool.


    The parts were separated.


    And another run because I had taken the wrong measurements..! ;)


    The electronic components are somewhat of an experiment. I don't know if it works so wish me luck, please! :)
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    Good luck - hope it will work.
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    A short glimpse at the innards of the toy. It is powered with 4.5 V. The plan is to replace the motor in the middle with a 4-LED-chase light and the green LEDs in the muzzle with white ones.

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    Innovation....! Love it.....! :)

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