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  1. I have not posted in a long while (it was a motorcycle thing but i'm over it now).But anyway does anyone know of a curved bridge for 22 radius?
    I found some curved ones on wathers but the dementions were metric.
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    Viaducts, and trestles, can be built on a curve, but bridges have a tendency to always be straight sections. A "bridge" that carries a curve, may be something like a double track bridge with a single track curve through it, and relatively short. To carry a long curve over a wide valley, or river, many short bridges are strung together, each on supported by a pier, or a bent. In many cases, a trestle is used for the bridge approaches, with just a short span between that is bridged over.
    Atlas has a "pier girder" that will carry curved track from bridge pier to bridge pier, but these are straight sections.
    For 22" radius, you could use "two track" bridges, to go from pier to pier.
    Kalmbach has a book on bridges and trestles that may be helpful.
  3. Thanks, I had not thought of using a double track bridge.It only has to span about 8 inches so that may work.:thumb:
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    a 22" radius is 56 cm or 559 mm. 8" is 20.3 cm.
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    Custom trestle builder

    There is a person on ebay who builds bridges and trestles to order...he lists the structure dimensions and will build and weather them for you. His/her ebay ID is "trestles4u". Looks like good work, but I have never bought one.


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